7 of the Best Tote Bags for Women to Wear

best tote bags

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What would a woman be without her bottomless tote? The wonders never cease when a woman sticks her arm in her faithful tote and pulls out anything from a red lipstick tube to a purple mace gun.

Still, whether you’re a fan of fine Italian leather, nylon, or vegan leather, we have a tote for you. In our opinion, these are the best tote bags on the market today. Anyone of these babies will quickly become your everyday tote bag, keeping you well-styled and fully equipped for your day.

1. Minor History News Tote

If you like a square, structured tote bag, then Minor History News has just the ticket. Their News Tote is a well-structured, full-grain leather bag that comes in a variety of colors.

You’ll find your standard black or saddle brown. But, in our opinion, their cherry-red tote is everything. It’s completely handcrafted, leaving out any plastic liners or faux fillers. It’s also large enough to fit a 13″ laptop along with all your daily essentials.

2. Universal Thread Hayden Tote

If you’d like something with a little less structure, then let’s take a look at the Universal Thread Hayden Tote. It has more give to the body and sits comfortably atop every shoulder.

You can pick this up with an easy trip down to Target. So, needless to say, we love its pricepoint. For $29.99, you can nab this tote in any color under the sun, from brown, to black, to pink, to a multicolor leopard vibe.

This is vegan leather at its finest, with multiple interior and exterior pockets to store all your goodies. Coming in at 13.5 inches tall, you can take your laptop with you to your next lunch date and stay awhile.

Universal Thread Hayden Tote

3. Everlane Day Market Tote

Fancy a little Markle Sparkle? Whether or not you’ve been on the Prince Harry/Meghan Markle bandwagon, one thing’s for sure. The girl’s got style. Like her sister-in-law, Kate, many of the pieces Meghan wears one day sell out the next. 

One of the pieces that Meghan often wore in her early days in the royal spotlight was the Everlane Day Market Tote. The leather has a fantastic, elegant sheen to it.

Meghan’s preferred tone was cognac. We’re talking premium Italian leather with a polished finished. With one deep pocket, you can store all your daytime goodies, including a pair of shoes. (While you’re on the Everlane shop, we seriously suggest their Modern Loafer Mule as your go-to slip-ons!)


4. Rebecca Minkoff Nylon Tote

Looking for something a few notches lower than royal wear? Well, how about something a little more durable, like a nylon tote (crafted with enough attention to detail to still make it shine like fine Italian leather).

For $145, you’re securing Minkoff’s Washed Nylon Tote tote that’ll never go out of style and pair up with any outfit. It’s super durable and features lovely leather shoulder straps. Best of all, Rebecca Minokk is a trusted, affordable fashion brand that will make it easy for you to add a matching wallet or guitar strap to your shopping cart!

5. ADVIL Metal Lock Tote

If you love to feature a little hardware on your tote, then you’re going to love this beauty. It’s one of our favorite lock tote bags that frames a sturdy metal lock front and center and offers both a top handle and a shoulder strap.

We love having both straps because it easily transforms from a hefty work bag during the day and a sleek purse in the night. Slip in those Loafer Mules from Everlane and you can wear both your flats and your heels as you transition throughout the day.

6. Coach Field Tote

If we’re being honest, we’re a tad hesitant to wear the classic Coach bag. You know the one that features the Coach “Cs” all over it? But, this is not to diminish Coach’s decades-long prowess at all.

They make sturdy products that stand the test of time. We just like to choose totes that will transition through the years without being linked too much to any certain decade.

So, when we saw Coach’s new Field Tote with a varsity stripe down the center, our eyes bugged out of our head in little heart emojis. For a bit of a premium, we knew we could have Coach quality with an interesting spin.

This bag comes in a pewter/deep red shade, can hold everything you need throughout the day, and switches over to a crossbody. Coach even throws in a lovely removable zip pouch if you want to lock your tote in your work desk at five o’clock and light up the town completely unencumbered.

7. Dagne Dover Large Allyn Tote

We must admit that we kind of just like the name. At least, that’s what led us to their site, where we uncovered a treasure trove of lovely leather products.

The Allyn Tote features a soft pebbled leather look. But, what really made us swoon was the plethora of pockets. It’s actually a smaller-sized tote, more for your iPad than your MacBook, but it’s tops on organization.

With a nice bucket feel, you can drop your larger items right in, but still tuck away the smaller essentials in neat pockets. No girl likes the whole, “Let me dig in my bag for five minutes just to find my chapstick,” and Dagne Dover certainly has our backs.

Best Tote Bags for Every Desire

And there you have it! In our opinion, these are the best tote bags for every lady in the house. Whether you’re in the mood for classic cognac, Meghan Markle style, or a bold burgundy with a varsity stripe, there’s fun for everyone in this list.

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