5 Practical Benefits of a Silk Durag

Benefits of a Silk Durag

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A Durag is not just a fashion accessory you wear to look stylish or spice up your outfit. This is because it has a lot of practical benefits besides making you look stylish. Don’t know what these benefits are? Take a look below.

1. Gives You 360 Waves

Because hair grows quickly, it’s hard to keep it low and prevent it from becoming frizzy. If you want 360 waves, then you have to brush your hair very often. Silk Durag solves the problem easily.

Durags are tied on the head and help to keep your hair low. In addition, they help to maintain the moisture in your hair if you wear them while sleeping. If you wear a silk Durag all the time, achieving and maintaining 360 waves will be easy.

2. Improves Your Hair Texture

Leaving your hair open during the day will make it lose its moisture, causing it to look dry. Fortunately, there are a lot of hair care products that can ensure your hair retains moisture. When you use these hair care products, it is advised that you wear a silk Durag.

This will increase the efficiency of the hair care products in keeping moisture locked in your hair. A hair that has enough moisture will feel smooth and have a healthy texture.

3. Useful During Athletic Activities

Another benefit of silk Durags is that they are useful when exercising and performing athletic activities. This is because a Durag will keep your hair, if you have a long one, from getting in your face. In addition, it absorbs the sweat you release whenever you perform these activities that require a lot of physical effort.

When sweat gets into your eyes, it will not only distract you from your physical activity but cause irritation too. So, when next you are exercising or engaging in athletic activities, it is advised that you tie a silk Durag.

4. It Straightens Your Hair

Straightening the hair sometimes results in damaging or serious cutting. This is because the high temperature used during straightening will destroy the proteins in your hair strands. Fortunately, there is a much safer way you can use to straighten your hair.

By tying a silk Durag on your hair, you can help to straighten it. In addition to keeping your hair in good shape, a silk Durag will add a touch of style to your appearance.

5. Protects Your Hair From Sun Rays

Spending a lot of time in the sun will damage your hair if you leave it open. Durag is cool for people who spend a lot of time outside. This is because it will protect your hair from the sun’s rays. However, when buying a silk Durag, it is advised that you go for lighter colors instead of black. While black absorbs heat from the sun, lighter colors do not.


When you get a silk Durag, you will enjoy all the benefits discussed in this article and more. Fortunately, it is available in different colors to match whatever outfit you are wearing. Finally, on this site, you can find Slik accessories.