What is VELCRO Hook Backing?

VELCRO Hook Backing

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Ah! Yes, the world-famous Second World War was at its peak in the 1940s, but do you know what else was in the news? The making of the iconic and widely known Velcro Company, which today has become the epitome of hook and loop fastener system.

Oh, you are shocked? Yes, dear, Velcro is a world-famous company, not the black pasty thing your mother uses to stick the carpet on the floor – that is called hook and loop fastener, something that Velcro company happen to produce as well.

Today, Velcro is everywhere, on the doors of your shoes to the astronauts’ space suits, no kidding! Even the latent patches on the shoulders of army officers are plastered with versatile Velcro with hook backing. Well, so really, what is Velcro hook backing, and how did they end up on these prestigious officers’ arms?

Why Is Backing Required?

Embroidery is a very critical and intrinsic style of art that requires the maximum level of caution and skill. So, to have a rather smoother and more profound experience as well as the end result, using stabilizers while stitching becomes quite important.

The fabric is kept in a swift position to avoid much gritting of the garment or the cloth, with the help of the backing, which acts as a sheet of placement and foundation. Essentially the stabilizers or the backing is placed behind the cloth.

What Are Velcro Hook and Loop Fasteners?

Are we not all familiar with the classic hook and loop system, literally used for many types of products? Essentially, Velcro is a company most famous for this product catering hook and loop materialized products. Just to be clear, the rough side is called the hook, and the soft side is called the loop.

When these stated opposite-backed fabrics come in contact, they happen to sustain a very strong bond. This system, therefore, aids in being adhesive in many kinds of stuff such as shoes, clothing, or anything that needs strong backup in general.

What Is Velcro Hook Backing?

Now, just to be clear, the hook and loop with the very blatant peel and stick system is greyly different from the hook backing system, let us find out how.

If you understand how hook and loop fasteners work, i.e., how you peel off each side and attach it to one another to form an undeniable tight grip, it will be very, very easy for you to grasp the functioning of Velcro hook backing. The system in Velcro hook backing stands on the basement of the hook-and-sew seam.

So, basically, single placed hook backing is feasible on the fabric or material that already owns a loop fastener area. Hook backing generally is referenced in the uniform design, such as those in the military or police department. The necessity where there is a persistent and periodic need to change the role of patches, Velcro hook backing, is widely preferred.

Final Words

The Velcro hook backing is slightly the cousin of the classic system of hook and loop, only with one wall (that is the hook). This is used to be more diligent and at one’s disposal, which makes it really practical in perpetuating uniform garments.