How To Choose a Fragrance For Your Home

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Candles, diffusers, and home-scented paper are all non-essential products, but they contribute to a unique style and atmosphere. We offer you the opportunity to learn about different types of perfumery for the home while also selecting a few interesting aroma items.

How to Choose a Fragrance for Your Home

  • The aroma should not clash with the room. It’s crucial to remember that the composition should emphasize, reveal, and compliment the interior rather than contradict it. As a result, before purchasing a fragrance for your home, consider the type of place in which it will “live” and whether the scent is appropriate in terms of style.
  • The scent for the bedroom should be soft. And this is an extremely important rule. When choosing a scent for your bedroom, keep in mind that strong, vibrant scents that work well in the living room can cause you to feel unwell and have anxiety sleep.
  • Avoid menthol and citrus notes. Or at least be careful with them. Such scents stimulate excessive activity and, if this is not your goal, then it is better to replace them with more calm notes of white flowers, lavender, and warm spices.
  • Do not buy cheap fragrances. Good compositions can’t cost a penny. Candles bought in the supermarket are likely to burn well, but you won’t get the scent. Different diffusers, on the other hand, are more likely to have an overpowering chemical odor.

Which Fragrance Format to Choose

  • Diffusers are a set of a vessel with an aromatic liquid and several long wooden sticks that are inserted into the vessel. This format is suitable for large rooms such as living rooms and halls. The fragrance spreads smoothly and the degree of concentration can be adjusted with the number of sticks that soak into the aroma liquid and give the very smell.
  • Sachets are small bags filled with fragrant herbs and spices. Such things spread an extremely delicate and not strong smell, so they are usually placed in drawers with clothes or behind the cushions of sofas and beds.
  • Armenian paper is made out of strips of paper that have been soaked with aromatic oils. They emit a faint pleasant aroma when burned. To flavor the air and absorb odors in the room, smolder for half a minute.
  • Candles are the most common format of all presented, they are suitable for use in both large and small rooms. Their competitive advantage is their persistent and varied scent. Perfume compositions of candles are often as good as a good perfume, moreover, they often replicate them. In addition, scented candles are often used as a self-sufficient decorative element, which is not ashamed to be put on display.
  • Perfumed paper, unlike the previous version, does not need to be ignited. It is placed in drawers, suitcases, and wardrobes to eliminate unpleasant odors in small confined spaces. The principle of operation is similar to that of the sachet, but it is still worth noting that in this case, we are talking about more delicate work.
  • Dried flowers are another way to give a room a pleasant fragrance. Compositions of dried flowers are usually placed in open vases and on shelves. Suitable for scenting any room, except kitchens and bathrooms, because they can absorb odors. The main disadvantage is the short lifespan because even the most beautiful and fragrant lavender will lose its charm after a couple of weeks.
  • Sprays and perfumes are the easiest and fastest way to give a pleasant fragrance to a room. Among the pluses – speed, durable fragrance, the ability to control the intensity of the fragrance. Suitable for absolutely any room.
  • Aroma lamps heat the essential oil, which, under the influence of temperature, begins to evaporate, releasing aromatic substances. The lamp works according to the following principle: water is poured into the container, where the essential oil is dropped. A candle is placed under this container, which heats the aromatic composition. It is best to use aroma lamps in spacious rooms.


Like perfumes, home fragrances take time to unfold. Therefore, do not expect an instant transformation of the room immediately after lighting a candle or spraying perfume. It will be possible to fully feel all the charm of the scent only after 20-30 minutes when the composition really takes over the space. Consider this point when you decide to refresh the scent of the room before the arrival of guests.

What Fragrance to Choose Now

As we wrote above, the fragrance you choose should not clash with the interior and the overall style of the room. However, despite this, there are certain clichés in the world of home perfumery that make it easier to navigate through the fragrances and speed up the selection process. So, one of them is to focus on the current season.

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