Celebrities With Hair Transplants

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Nick Lachey
Celebrities are known as the beautiful people, they are all over the television and movie screens. So seeing as they are so well known and seen everywhere they always have to appear perfect. Their clothes have to always be nice and tailored, shoes must be nice and their hair must always be in place.

Celebrities are humans just like you and I, they have problems as well. But they must appear perfect to us in the movies and in the magazines. They age just the same too, and their hair will not always be as perfect as it once appeared. So they do things to fix that problem such as hair transplanting.

So many Hollywood Celebs males and females alike are having hair transplants. Hair transplants are mainly for men, whereas the females can always just get extensions or wear a hair piece. They are a dangerous procedure that involves moving hair follicles from one part of the body to the balding part which is more likely going to be the scalp. It’s a very expensive process that takes time before the effects begin to show. But once they’ve started it’s hard to tell the difference between the natural hair growing from the scalp and the transplanted hair.

Some Hollywood Celebrities that have hair transplants include, Mickey Rourke. Sean Penn, Nick Lachey, Tommy Lee Jones, Billy Bob Thornton, Barry Williams and Sylvester Stallone, and Kevin James alike. All of those popular males have undergone hair transplant surgery. They are aging everyday and definitely have the funds available to go through any kind of treatment. So they’ve all turned to hair transplants over the years to keep up the appearance of thick hair.

Mel Gibson, Jamie Foxx, Christian Slater and Arnold Schwarzenegger can also be included on that list. Nicholas Cage, Jude Law and Brendan Fraser have also undergone hair transplant treatment over the years. Even the famous Elon’s Musk’s hair restoration is a proof that even balding men can have hair again. Whether their hair was thinning or they just wanted to change something about themselves, they’ve all had this treatment performed.

Some Celebrities even endorse the treatment facility where they had their hair transplants performed. But most don’t want anyone to know their little secret. Most people can’t tell the difference between hair that has been transplanted or hair that naturally grows from the scalp. The procedure is so thorough it’s very hard to tell. And not only are these celebrities have hair transplanted to their heads, but also to their eyebrows, eyelashes, beards and moustaches.

The females of the Hollywood elite are having eyelashes thickened and made to appear longer. A lot of females in Hollywood already wear hair pieces and extensions, so they don’t have to go through physically getting a transplant. Seeing as Celebrities are always in the public eye, they do have to appear to be a picture of health and if transplants and surgeries will help them achieve a certain look, they will do it.

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