Celebrity Trend: Brightly Coloured Hair (and How YOU Can Achieve the Look!)

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Neon Locks: Who’s leading the Trend?

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You have probably noticed and increasing number of female celebrities – specifically pop musicians – sporting brightly coloured tresses recently. Those who are leading the trend include Katy Perry (pictured above), Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Haley Williams of the pop rock band Paramore.

Image created by Kat Cole, the author of this guest post (all images sourced from Google Images).

[Left to right: Rihanna, Minaj and Williams]

Don’t they look gorgeous?

Lady Gaga has also sported many colours of the rainbow in her own hair (though it is likely that her forever changing ‘do is more often aided with wigs and hair pieces as opposed to the colouring of her actual barnet). Regardless; here you can see the style icon with a yellow dip dye:

Image credit: hookedonbeauty.com

Are these pictures making you think that you would like to transform your own hair into an eye-catching hue? If so read on to learn how you can do this.

How do I Achieve Brightly Coloured Hair?

For the brightest hair, hair must be bleached – or; pre lightened – before the application of one of the vivid dyes mentioned in the next section of this article. Bright dyes can be applied to unbleached hair but the resulting colour will be much darker than you’d probably hope for and isn’t likely to last very long (bright pigments cling to porous, lightened hair much more easily).

Peroxide can be difficult – and messy – for first time users to apply. Read the ‘Remember to be Careful’ section below before attempting to use any DIY bleaching kit. If you are at all worried about applying bleach to your hair, it is recommended that you visit a professional hair salon for this stage of the process.

What are the Best Brightly Coloured Hair Dyes?

Image created by Kat Cole, the author of this guest post (all images sourced from Google Images).

I have used bright hair dyes for many years and the three best brands of such available on the market are definitely Special Effects, Directions and Manic Panic.

Special Effects (more than 25 different colours in total) and Manic Panic no doubt offer the brightest dyes, many of which also glow under UV light. Those on a budget may prefer to use Directions since these little tubs are much less expensive than dyes from the other two brands, though it should be noted that these have less longevity on the hair; at least in my own experiences. This makes Directions ideal for those looking to experiment with bright hues in the short term – the other two brands are also semi-permanent in nature but they tend to stay in the hair up to six weeks without any significant fading.

Dyes from all three brands can be mixed with others from the same range in order to create truly unique colours, or with a normal conditioner to lighten the colour of the selected dye. Since all of these dyes are conditioner-based and contain no chemicals they will not damage your hair (though obviously, botched bleach jobs can!)

Remember to be Careful:

Hydrogen peroxide can destroy the healthy condition of your hair if used incorrectly or too regularly, or if the chemical has been on the hair for too long. Never exceed the development time printed on the box/in the instructions leaflet and be sure to leave as long as possible between bleaching sessions. Always wear old clothing when applying bleach to your hair and be sure to remove all jewelry and items such as glasses safely out of the way. 

It is also important to keep in mind that if you are attempting to lighten hair that has previously been dyed a dark colour, the resulting colour might be more ginger than blonde and inconsistent across the hair (usually the hair closest to the root lightens the most). Applying one of the brightly coloured dyes that I have mentioned above can see colour consistency occur, or a brilliant range of shades of the same hue appear in the hair post-bleach.

It should also be noted that the above mentioned dyes are semi-permanent in nature. This means that they will eventually fade and a ‘top up’ will be required. A little colour may also bleed out of the hair whenever it is washed (this is most common within the first few washes after the dyeing process). 

Kat Cole is the author of this guest post. As the owner of a sunglasses retailer, Kat loves fashion and is therefore forever changing the colour of her own hair.