Comfortably Fashionable: How to Wear Sneakers with Dress Pants and Still Look Professional

sneakers with dress pants

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Sneakers? At work? If you’re working in an office, or almost any other professional setting, sneakers are a rarity, we’ll give you that.

Still, haven’t you ever wished you could don a comfy pair of sneakers with dress pants, instead of forcing your feet into toe-pinching dress shoes for an entire workday?

Mhmm, we thought so.

Here’s the good news — wearing sneakers to work and looking stylish is no longer a pipe dream! Here are a few easy ways to wear sneakers fashionably in a professional setting.

Sneakers with Dress Pants

Dress pants may be one of the easiest clothing items to pair successfully with sneakers at work. The key to success is finding the right pair of shoes to match with your dress pants, creating the perfect outfit.

High-end or unique sneakers, like Balenciaga Sneakers, can be easily tied in to match a more traditionally “professional” piece of clothing in your outfit.

For example, try matching a nice red silk tie or scarf with a similar shade of sneakers, and viola!

It’s as simple as matching other pieces in your outfit to tie your shoe choice in. Doing this lets you pair comfortable shoes with dress pants and still look like you’re ready for a day on the job.

Pair Them with Structured Tops

This is a cute look that’s becoming more popular in the modern, professional workplace: dress pants, structured blouses, and flat sneakers.

This look can be found everywhere from the runway to the lunchroom. How is it done well? First, you must find a flattering, structured (non-form-fitting) blouse or top.

Pairing a sleek, distinctly structured top with the sporty look of flat sneakers makes you look like you’re not only ready for business, but capable of handling anything that’s thrown at you.

This same dressing principle can be applied to khaki or other dressy types of Bermuda shorts.

Match with a Blazer

If you’ve ever spotted sneakers at work, this is probably the look you’ve seen them with. Dress pants, or even skinnies, matched with sneakers and a blazer.

Blazers are well paired with any style of sneakers: flat, athletic, black, or vibrant.

However, you typically see professional blazers and dress pants (or skirts), paired with flat-bottom sneakers.

This could be due to the fact that athletic or training sneakers make you look more apt to run away. Not the most professional impression to give at your place of work.

Whatever the reason, flat sneakers tend to look slightly more professional when paired with your dress pants and a blazer.

The blazer is a perfect piece for adding to casual dresses and sneakers as well.

Looking “Professionally” Fashionable

Wearing sneakers with dress pants, skirts, blazers, skinnies, or whatever else you choose is just the beginning of adding some pizazz to your professional wardrobe.

For more ideas on how to look more fashionable at work, regardless of what your job is, check out our blog post on work style.