How To Fix Hair Clippers That Won’t Cut

Fix Hair Clippers2

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There are always problems that may rise when using a hair clipper at home, this does not only occur with time, if they are not properly cleaned they may have malfunctions as well, and if you have not had much experience with these, it may be difficult to know what the problem is, and to fix.

If your hair clipper is malfunctioning then here are some steps that might help you know what the problem is, and to fix it.

1. Clean Your Hair Clipper

If you have been using your hair clipper for a while now, it may require a proper cleaning, to do so you should follow a few simple steps.

  • Remove the cap that adjusts the cut number, and proceed to brush the hair off the clipper, if you can’t seem to properly clean it then proceed to insert a needle like pin, or a clip, and make sure you clean the device properly.
  • If you have baby oil, clean the blade and the top of the hair clipper with a paper cotton pad, this will make the blades have more movement
  • One you get it going, pour soup in a container and add water, and let the blades run in the water, the will properly clean it.
  • Every time you use the machine, be sure to clean it, for better results

2. Change the Battery

If it will not turn on or do any actions, you might have to change the battery, although most of them are rechargeable, there is a chance you need to replace the battery, if you bought it recently, the store might be of aid.

  • To check the battery you must open your hair clipper
  • You will need tools that wont scratch or damage the sides
  • Once you have properly opened it, the battery will be clearly visible
  • These are easy to remove and if you have already bought a new one then the process will go fast.

3. Replace the Blade

If you have had the hair clipper for over a year, you should consider replacing the blade, as these deteriorate and may be the cause of malfunction.

  • Find the proper tools to open the hair clipper
  • After its open, get a screwdriver, and proceed to unscrew the blade
  • Replace it with a new blade, screw it back in
  • By now you should have your hair clipper going

4. Check the Wires

This may be the cause of your problem, for this you will need to follow a number of steps:

  • First you will have to find the proper tools to open the hair clipper and not damage it
  • Once you’ve got your tools proceed to open the hair clipper carefully
  • You will see the battery, the wires, and have a better look of the blade
  • To the side you will find a screw, this will loosen the belt
  • If the problem is that the belt was loose, then screw this till the belt is in place
  • If that was not the issue than proceed to loosen the belt
  • To put the belt back in place, make sure it is properly placed, and screw it till the belt feels like its back in place, once the belt is moving properly the blades will work.

5. Consider Buying a New One

  • Repairing a hair clipper professionally may be costly, if you cannot fix the problem on your own, you should consider buying a new one
  • Select a hair clipper that will not only be useful, but that will properly function for as long as you need it to.
  • It may cost a bit more to buy a good quality hair clipper, but if it is within your budget, than you should consider getting the best you consider will fit your needs.

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