Remember the Happiest Day of Your Life Together With One of These 5 Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas

5 Creative Anniversary Gifts Bound to Make the Day Special

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Americans believe love is the best reason to get married. A recent survey found that 88 percent of respondents said love is a “very important” reason to tie the knot.

“Making a lifelong commitment” was second with 81 percent, followed by “companionship” at 76 percent.

Being in love doesn’t mean always feeling the exact same way you felt on your wedding day. But creative anniversary gifts can help you remember that feeling while celebrating how much your love has grown.

Keep reading for anniversary gift ideas that will work for every stage of your marriage.

1. A Journal for Couples

Paper is a traditional first-anniversary gift. But that doesn’t mean you and your spouse should write an essay about each other. That’s too much like homework.

Instead, get a journal for couples that you can fill out together. Some journals contain questions that you answer during your first year of marriage. Others are blank so you can take the lead.

However you do it, make sure to do it together. Even writing something together once a month will leave you with a cool record of your first year together.

A Couple's Love Journal: 52 Weeks to Reignite Your Relationship, Deepen Communication, and Strengthen Your Bond

2. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the best anniversary gift ideas for her. But shopping for jewelry for your wife will look a little different than shopping for an engagement ring.

For one thing, jewelry trends have probably changed since your wedding day.  Things like colored gems and chokers are popular choices in 2019.

Good anniversary gifts are about more than what’s trendy. Make sure to keep your wife’s personal sense of style in mind when you go shopping for rings, necklaces, or bracelets.

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3. A Romantic Dinner

There’s a reason why going out to dinner is a classic. It allows you to focus on each other for a couple of hours. Even better, you get to reconnect while eating delicious food.

Give yourself the anniversary gift of putting away your phones for the entire meal. You can sit and eat with your smartphones any day of the year.

But on your anniversary, put the phones down and look at each other.

4. A Gift Subscription

Don’t overlook subscriptions when looking for anniversary gift ideas. We’re not talking about magazines, either.

Instead of a periodical, buy them something that will arrive at your door every few weeks.

For instance, a wine of the month club gift is romantic and thoughtful. So are memberships in chocolate and cheese clubs.

If you decide to go with the wine club subscription, take a look at this list of the best red wine clubs in the USA.

5. A Weekend Getaway

If day-to-day life is too stressful, then why not get away for a weekend? Sometimes, the best anniversary gift is one that takes you out of town.

Some couples prefer a cozy bed and breakfast in the country. For others, a bustling boutique hotel in the heart of downtown is ideal.

As long as you’re together and enjoying each other’s company, there’s no wrong way to do a weekend getaway.

More Creative Anniversary Gifts

Creative anniversary gifts don’t have to be expensive. As long as it helps you connect with your spouse, it doesn’t matter if you spend $10 or $1,000.

An anniversary is a special time, of course. But it’s not the only time of the year you should buy a present for the person you love. Check out our blog’s gifts archive for more tips.

Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas