Creating a Chic Look for Dinner with Friends

Chic Look for Dinner

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After a long day at work, it’s always relaxing to go out for a nice dinner with friends. Whether you plan to hit up a fun pub or are splurging on fine French cuisine, it’s important to dress for the occasion.

Follow a few key fashion guidelines to ensure that you look your best for a fun evening out.

Consider the Venue

Before beginning to plan your outfit, think about where you plan to go to dinner. The dinner venue plays the most significant role in how your outfit should look. Heading out for a quiet night at a family-style Italian joint? Play up the casual chic look with a pair of dark skinny jeans, cute pumps, and an embellished top. If you’ve scored a reservation at an upscale restaurant, make sure your outfit matches. Opt for a shimmery cocktail dress with sexy heels or a great wrap dress. Also make sure you consider how trendy or conservative the dining establishment is, and choose your outfit to match.

Chic Dinner Attire

Dinner with friends can be a great opportunity to try a trendy new look. Incorporating leather into your look is very on-trend; try a fitted leather dress in a subdued color. If ultra-feminine looks are more your style, pair a sleek pencil skirt with a gorgeous blouse. Add heeled booties or a fun pump to incorporate edge into the looks. Alternatively, you can never go wrong with a great fitted pant in a bold color. Pair chic red pants with a black top and gold jewelry for a timeless, classic look.

From Head to Toe: Considering Outerwear and Accessories

Once you’ve chosen your core ensemble, your work is far from over. Finding the perfect shoes, accessories and outerwear is key to pulling a look together. Remember not to overdo any part of your look. Going for a bold dress with fashionable cutouts? Then keep your footwear and accessories neutral to avoid looking overly sexy. A plain gold chain or simple bangles may suffice. Similarly, if you opt for a neutral-colored ensemble, feel free to add a punchy red coat or fun accessories to make your look pop. Look for dangly earrings or a bold cuff bracelet to add a funky vibe.

If you’re headed somewhere nice, make sure you have a coat to match. A classic trench or wool coat tied at the waist makes you look sophisticated and polished. Pair your shoes to your coat choice; if you’re wearing a heavy wool coat and scarf, it looks silly to wear strappy heels. Opt for pumps or sleek heeled boots instead.

Even though you’re not dressing to impress a date, there is no excuse to neglect your wardrobe choices when heading out with friends. Think carefully about your dinner outfit to ensure that you rock an on-trend look that suits your style and personality. Then relax, order a glass of wine and laugh the night away with your closest friends.