10 Best Sizzling & Stylish Handbags

colorful leather handbags collage

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colorful leather stylish handbags

Handbags are back, and they’re sizzling! A great handbag carries those crucial items we can’t live without, and also signals that we’ve got a sense of style and we’re going to strut it!

This year’s stylish handbag trends are colorful, fun and ready to carry you to new heights of fabulousness. Here’s our top 10 stylish handbags with sizzle and style to spare!

10 Best Sizzling & Stylish Handbags

10. Fuzzy, Furry Handbags

Faux fur is here, and it’s here to stay! We’re seeing incredible looks in furry stylish handbags that beautifully capture the look of animal skin, without hurting the animal.

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9. Contrast Handbags

Strong contrasts in color and texture are very in this year, and we’re seeing this look in polished looking bags in two-tone leather, in colors like pink or black or burgundy and pink.

8. Needlepoint Bags

These bags evoke a vintage feeling that offers a sense of texture to our very electronic era. These bags wear beautifully with long skirts and tailored vintage style jackets and ankle strap heels. Grandma never looked so stylish.

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7. Splashy Color/Patterned Bags

These classic, vintage style bags combine strong contrasting colors and patterns to create a strong, eye-catching image. Some of these bags combine a solid color with patterned fabric for a look that’s sassy as can be.

6. Fuzzy Florals

These bags (shown by Prada) have a little girl innocence that’s fetching as can be. Created in fabric or faux fur, these bags feature an image of a large flower that makes a delightful statement.

5. Jewel Encrusted Bags

These dressy clutches are compact and incomparably glamorous. Encrusted with jewels or pieces of metal, these bags give off the sensation of a Hollywood movie premiere.

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4. Little Messenger Bags

Messenger bags, so light, compact and lovely, are back, but now they’re offered in brightly colored leather and in very tiny “to go” sizes. Scrumptious.

3. Leather Clutches

There’s really nothing more perfect than a perfectly compact, well designed leather clutch. Enough said.

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2. Quilted Handbags

The quilted black handbag is another design classic that’s overdue for a comeback. The current version costs a fraction of the price of the originals, so now they’re actually an obtainable ideal.

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1. Circular Chanel Bag

The classic Chanel bag is back, but this time it comes with a hoop, for easy carry. This is a very different take on a recognizable classic. Fun!

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