Can You Still Get Shaved In a Barber Shop?

Shaved In a Barber Shop

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Before the proliferation of the modern safety razors, barber shops were one of the strongest features of an average street view, where the largest part of the male population got their shaves and haircuts, but not only that. Sitting at a barber getting a shave was also one of the best stress-relieving activities, thirty to sixty minutes of complete calmness.

Due to reasons such as the absolutely groundless concerns about the hygiene of the razor and the people’s excessive confidence in their shaving ability, barber shops nearly became extinct several years ago. Fortunately, the number of barber shops is on the rise again in the U.S., few shops are opened every week and the people start to realize that this traditional form of shaving has numerous advantages against shaving at home.

Perfectly Sterile

First of all let’s make it absolutely clear: not only the worries about the sterility of the blade of the barber are sorely baseless, getting a shave at a barber is likely to be much more hygienic than shaving yourself. The modern technologies used in shops to kill germs, such as special UV lights, make it absolutely sure that any kind of infection is completely impossible.

The Advantages of Getting Shaved at a Barber Shop

Eating or getting are haircut are all everyday activities in what we sometimes decide to turn to a professional in order get better results. We’re not afraid that our food might be poisoned and we now that a good hairdresser is worth multiple times his price. So why do the same with shaving? First of all, a barber will most definitely won’t cut your face, won’t cause shave burns and so on, on the contrary, by using the ideal creams, balms and oils for your skin, the barber in some regards take the place of a beautician.

Your skin that you always thought about as eternally dry might prove to be just fine when the deficiencies of the imperfect shaving are gone. Second, the barber shop is the island of peace. You can see in old films that people tended to make their most important decisions at these shops covered in shave cream because the 30-minute endearment the face receives can clear the thoughts and lift the soul, not to mention the feeling of neatness after, that can help you through even the hardest of days. A stressful and exigent everyday necessity therefore turns into an uplifting experience which will help you to feel more relaxed and motivated all day, every day.

Last, but not least, at a barber shop, you will be able to watch a professional doing one of the most important daily routines of a man’s life. You can take your time to watch him or her work, ask questions from the most trivial to the most professional ones, so that when you get home you’ll be able to use the methods and tricks you’ve learned for yourself. From this perspective, getting a shave just as much an act of learning as a practical activity, so the already not-too-high prices of these shops will seem even more favorable.

Where Can I Find a Barber Shop?

Fortunately since some years, the number of barber shops are on the rise again throughout the States, with companies such as The Art of Shaving, which does not only offer shavings in numerous cities, but also produces high-quality shaving equipment from shaving oils to razors and after shaves. Here you can take a look at where you can get a thorough, soothing shave at them (the ones with the barber’s seat behind its location). Don’t be afraid if you don’t find one near you, there are other smaller companies offering such services in nearly every middle-sized town, make sure you ask around for them at your hairdresser for example.

More Than Worth a Try

There is no risks in visiting a barber shop, only lots of positives such as knowledge to utilize at home and the feeling of perfect neatness. It is strongly advised therefore to visit a barber shop at least once, although I’ve never met someone who didn’t fall in love with it at the first time. Make sure you call them before you go though – good barber shops tend to have more and more costumers in these days.

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