How to Get Silky, Smooth, Celebrity Legs

Silky, Smooth, Celebrity Legs

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When it comes to appearances, every woman has her priorities. Some can’t leave the house without a full face of makeup, while others are happy with some lip gloss and mascara so long as their hair is perfectly flat-ironed.

But most women prefer at least certain body parts to be entirely fuzz-free, and these generally include underarms, face, and legs. Luckily, most women don’t have to deal with facial hair (except for unruly eyebrows), and shaving your underarms is a quick and easy part of your daily shower routine. But keeping your legs hairless can be something of a chore. Don’t you wish you could have the silky, smooth legs that celebrities always seem to flaunt? How do they keep their legs so perennially void of even a trace of follicular activity? Here are just a few tips and tricks to get you on track for the same smooth skin.


Your current routine probably consists mainly of shaving your legs, but this is perhaps the most inefficient (albeit the cheapest) method of hair removal. It is rather unlikely that celebrities rely on a razor to keep their legs free of fuzz. The main reason is that you must shave daily to get rid of the prickly hairs that spring back up by the next morning.

Plus, running a razor over your skin on a daily basis can lead to dryness, even with shaving cream, and there’s always a chance that you’ll nick yourself, making for unsightly bandages and potentially even scars over time. And don’t you always discover after the fact that you missed a spot in a hard-to-shave areas like knees, shin bones, or ankles? No, it’s much more likely that smooth-legged celebs rely on other means of hair removal.


The most popular method is likely waxing. The professionals do all the work for you and all you have to do is come in once a month for your appointment. Of course, it can be rather painful and pricy, but that’s all part of the life of a celebrity. There is a small problem, though. When you rely solely on waxing you have to wait several weeks for hair to grow long enough for the wax to grab hold and yank it out. Perhaps celebs simply have it done a few days before a big event, but what if they have several in a row spread out over the course of a month? The hardly want their regrowth showing.

While they might turn to depilatory creams or epilators in the meantime, it’s possible, and even probably that many opt for laser hair removal to permanently erase the hair that will otherwise keep coming back.


Laser Hair Removal

Treatments, however, are quite expensive and you have to undergo several in order to remove all traces of fuzz from the desired area. And there’s no real way to make a laser gentle, so it’s bound to be painful. While celebrities can definitely afford such procedures, you might not be keen to pay the piper for this permanent form of hair removal. But consider what you currently spend or razors or waxing in a year.

When you add it up, you could make your money back on laser treatments within just a few years, and you’ll never again have to deal with the cost, time, or hassle of other methods. Plus you’ll enjoy silky, smooth legs just like the celebrities you’d like to emulate.

How to Get Silky, Smooth, Celebrity Legs