The Pro and Cons of Laser Hair Removal for a Bikini-Ready Body

laser hair removal pros and cons

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With summer around the corner, it’s time to slip into your bikini and head for the beach. But when you look down at your bikini line, does the area look hairy and gnarly? In the winter, we pay less attention to hair growth.

But when we wear shorts, sleeveless tops, and bathing suits during summertime, it’s time to pay attention. Shaving isn’t always the best option for hair removal. When you shave your bikini line, it’s easy to get those annoying ingrown hairs.

They hurt your skin and produce big, red bumps. That’s the last thing you want to show when you’re on the beach. So, what do you do? One solution to keep hair at bay is laser hair removal.

It’s reported to be a $1.5 billion industry. But is it safe you may wonder? In this post, you’ll learn the facts. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of laser hair removal.

The Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal

Waxing, depilatory creams, threading, and sugaring don’t last long. Seems like those stubbles start to show in a matter of days. But laser hair removal provides a long-term hair removal option.

The trend is popular with celebrities like the singer, Teyana Taylor. While laser hair removal may not last forever, but it will remove hair longer than any non-permanent hair removal method. That’s because it slows down hair growth.

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How Laser Hair Removal Works

Before we discuss the pros and cons of laser hair removal, let’s look at exactly what laser hair removal is. And how it’s done.

Laser hair removal reduces hair growth. It’s performed by a trained esthetician or technician using a hand-held laser. The laser device emits pulses of light on the skin’s surface to look for hair. Then it impedes the hair follicle from growing.

Women who undergo laser treatment will see hair fall out at different times for the next two weeks after they receive the treatment. It typically takes several treatments. The reason: the hair grows at different intervals.

It grows, sits, and then sheds. So you won’t see all the hair after treatment falling out at the same time. That’s why several sessions are needed for laser treatment to stop the hair during the growth phase to achieve the best results.

Let’s examine the pros and cons. Check out these questions many people ask about the treatment.

Here Are the Pros

First, let’s discuss the benefits of laser hair removal. In the next section, we’ll talk about its drawbacks.

Reduces Hair Growth In a Big Way

Laser hair removal reduces hair growth dramatically. However, it doesn’t remove hair permanently. The only hair removal treatment that will achieve permanent hair removal is electrolysis. But laser hair removal isn’t as expensive as electrolysis and it lasts much longer than other methods.

It’s Successful in a Number of Areas Big and Small

Laser hair removal works on many parts of the body such as the bikini line, face, back, and underarms. Some people get the treatment everywhere on the body, which keeps the skin feeling soft and smooth. You can basically use it anywhere!

It’s Less Painful Than Waxing

Although there can be some discomfort, laser hair removal isn’t as painful as waxing. The operators apply. ice to the area to numb it before the treatment and when it’s done. This helps numb the pain of the treatment. Additionally, as the treatments progress and the hair gets finer the pain during treatments subside.

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It Can Be Performed with Little to No Hair Growth

Unlike waxing that requires hair to be a certain length for hair to be waxed, laser hair removal can even be done on areas with no hair. And when the new hair grows you can shave it in between treatments.

The Treatment Is Fast

The laser device works on big areas like the back or legs. This makes laser hair removal fast. One won’t have to be at the appointment for hours at a time which frees up more of your time.

Run some errands, take a yoga class, pick up the kids from school, or meet friends for lunch. This differs from electrolysis which is time-consuming because each follicle needs to be treated. With laser hair removal, you’ll be out in less than an hour.

It Can Last for Up to a Year

While laser hair removal doesn’t last forever, it can keep hair away for six to twelve months. The reduction in hair people see (or don’t see) can be staggering. You won’t have to shave that often. And the hair that grows back tends to be finer than before treatment.

Here are the Cons

You’ve heard the benefits. Now let’s look at the drawbacks of laser hair removal.

You Can’t Thread or Wax Your Face Prior to Treatment

For the best results, it’s recommended to avoid threading or waxing your facial hair up a month before treatment. However, you can shave or trim the area with a razor or scissors. Because of this, your facial area can feel stubbly.

You Need More Than One Treatment

To remove all the hair, you need multiple treatments. Women report that it can take around four to six treatments. For the best outcome, treatments should be done every four weeks.

In Rare Cases, People Can Develop Scars, Blisters or Burns

Although uncommon, some people can develop burns, scars, or blisters from the treatment. This can happen when someone with little experience works on you. To avoid this from happening, make sure the person doing your laser treatment is a registered or certified technician.

The Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal Revisited

You’ve learned the pros and cons of laser hair removal. Now you know the facts so you are able to decide if laser is the right hair removal treatment so you can enjoy the beach and look best in your swimsuit.

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