4 Must Have’s in Your New Ski Jacket

snowboarding with striped ski jacket

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Whether you’re planning on going on an overseas skiing trip, or you’re a regular out on the slopes, you’ll have a lot to consider when picking out what you want to wear. One thing you definitely can’t forget is the shiny new ski jacket.

The main feature of your outfit, you’ll need to make sure you get a jacket that supports the elegance of your style while also providing high functionality. The following are 4 things you definitely want to pay attention to while considering your new purchase:

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1. Quality

We’ve all heard the age-old adage “quality over quantity,” but this is something you’ll want to pay special attention to in your new jacket. There is a plethora of low-cost ski wear on the market, but they won’t be delivering the same level of product as a high-end company such as ML Furs and Luxury Skiwear. A few things you’ll want to look for will be sustainable sourcing of products, genuine materials, durability patches and sealed seams (rather than just stitched).

2. Fit and Cut

There’s nothing worse than getting to the top of a ski slope and feeling like the abominable snowman himself. While many snow jackets are bulky and hard to move in, there are many top-end designers in the industry, such as Toni Sailer, who create clothing articles that will hug your curves and give you room to move. When you try on your potential purchase, make sure to move around a bit and see how the jacket moves with your body. You don’t want something that rides too low or too high on your body, and you want to be sure that the material bends fluidly against your body without bunching in an uncomfortable manner.

A couple of other features to think about include whether you want a detachable hood, how many pockets you have inside and outside of the jacket, and whether the sleeves reach far enough down on your arms to be comfortable with your gloves.

3. Waterproof Coating

While it is important to feel comfortable and stylish in your new jacket, you don’t want to forget that you’ll be wearing it in snowy and wet conditions. This means you’ll want to purchase a jacket that is fully waterproof. You’ll be looking for a ski jacket that has a waterproof rating of at least 10,000 mm. The higher the number, the more weather-resistant your jacket will be. If you’re planning on spending time in much heavier rain and snow, you’ll be looking for a jacket with a rating of 20,000 mm or more.

4. Breathability

It sounds counterintuitive to have a piece of material that is both waterproof and breathable, but it is possible, and it is important in your ski wear. While you don’t want to be soaked through with snow, which could bring your core-body temperature down too far, you also want your skin to be able to feel the movement of air so as not to trap your sweat against your body. Breathability ratings are measured in g/m²/24hrs, meaning the amount of air that can be evaporated per square meter of fabric during a period of 24 hours. The higher the number, the more breathable the material. Similarly to waterproofing levels, you’ll be aiming to get a jacket with a breathability rating of at least 10,000g. However, to get the maximum results, you’ll be aiming for something in the 20,000g range.

No matter what jacket you decide to buy for your next skiing journey, it’s good to know you made a quality purchase that you feel comfortable in. Making sure you look for these few aforementioned specifications in your new outerwear will help you make the best decision for you!