6 Tips to Keep Track of Your Sunglasses

Keep Track of Your Sunglasses

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Losing your sunglasses can be very frustrating, especially if you lose your sunglasses regularly. Sunglasses are easy to lose. They can fall off when you are wearing them or fall out of your bag. They are a smaller accessory and easy to misplace or leave in the bank or doctor’s office.

You can do a few things to make it easier to keep track of your sunglasses in the future. Changing some of your habits to make sure you don’t lose your sunglasses can be difficult. However, it will save you so much frustration and money later.

1. Carry a Case

A sunglasses case can protect your eyewear from damage and being lost. Taking the time to put them in the case will help you remember not to leave them. Particularly when you are out and about, you can take off your sunglasses and immediately store them in a backpack or purse. That way, you won’t leave them on a counter. Having them in a case can also prevent them from falling out of your bag; however, if the case does fall out of your bag, it is easier to notice.

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2. Invest in a Nice Pair

Typically, when you spend more money on something, you are more likely to take care of it. If you invest in a nice, expensive pair of sunglasses, you are more likely to make sure you don’t leave them behind. You might also treat them with more care.

Chic, designer sunglasses, like Gucci sunglasses, are also more durable than cheap supermarket sunglasses. They last longer with normal wear and tear. They also add visual interest to an outfit and can make an everyday outfit look classier.

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3. Sunglass Chains

Modern sunglass chains are a far cry from the chains your grandmother might wear. You can find sunglass chains that fit your personal style. If you are more sporty in your style, a simple neon cord might work best for you. However, if you are more bohemian, you might prefer a beaded chain or a strap made from leather or string.

No matter what your style, you can find sunglass chains that will fit. You can also find chains that will match any outfit, so you can change them out if needed. This ensures you won’t leave your new sunglasses behind, as they’re always attached to you.

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4. Designate a Spot

Many people find that they are more likely to lose their sunglasses at home than in public. When you walk through the door, you’re likely to drop your sunglasses on the first surface you can get to, and it may be different each time, depending on what is in your hands at that moment. If your sunglasses get set down in a different spot each time you walk in, you are less likely to remember where you placed them.

Designating a specific spot for your sunglasses allows you to always keep track of their whereabouts. It also helps with organization and decreases clutter around your home. You can set up a nice entry table with baskets to store other items like your keys and purse.

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5. Set a Reminder

Most people live on a schedule. If you have to be at work at the same time every day, that means you need to leave the house at the same time each day. Set a reminder on your phone to grab your sunglasses when you’re leaving the house and work.

Setting the reminder helps make it a habit to check for them before you leave. You can link other habits to remembering your sunglasses as well. For instance, when you pick up your sunglasses, you might also double-check if the alarm is set. Linking habits can be a great way to establish new ones.

6. Keep Extras

If you find you are still consistently losing your sunglasses, you can keep extras around. Keep a pair in your car, in your desk drawer at work, in your gym bag, etc. Typically, these would be cheaper pairs that you don’t mind losing. If you have extra pairs of sunglasses stashed in the places you typically need them, then you’ll never have to worry that you won’t have a pair.

Extra Protection

It can be difficult to deal with constantly losing your sunglasses. You have your perfect pair that is the correct shade, protects your eyes, and fits your personal style; it can be frustrating if you’re in the habit of losing them all the time. But if you change your habits a bit or find the pair you can’t stand to be without, you may keep up with them for years to come.