5 Summer Redecorating Ideas

Summer Redecorating Ideas

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Summer is the season of fun. It’s bright and sunny, bringing about a certain type of energy and vibrancy that makes it a great time to make some adjustments to your home.

Redecorating for summer not only means finding colorful and lively pieces, but it also means accommodating the summer heat you may be experiencing. Here are some ideas for your summer home redecoration.

1. Cool Things Down

It is nice to have a more relaxed, cozy, and airy set up during the summer. Beyond great home decorating themes and ideas for the summer, the hot temperatures should also be acknowledged. Try to make your home welcoming and comfortable by making it cooler.

Maintain good air conditioning and exhaust ventilation systems. Also, consider getting an effective ceiling fan to keep air circulating. Open up windows and try to use curtains in lighter colors or made with materials that allow wind to flow through them. Take advantage of the summer breeze.

It can get warmer during the night, so switch to thinner blankets and ensure proper ventilation. You can also find cooling mattresses made from materials specifically designed to stay at a comfortable temperature while you sleep. Or, consider adding a cooling foam top that can help you sleep better even on hot summer nights.

2. Greenery Galore

Having plants in your home can boost your mood as well as improve air quality. Plants are scientifically proven to help purify the air, and their bright colors can bring positive energy into your home. It’s also nice to have something to care for and feed your eyes something green throughout the day. There are various plants that can fit any living area, from succulents to flowers to leafy plants. There are also vegetable plants and herbs you can consider planting for the season.

Most house plants come in small sizes and require minimal effort to maintain. Just be sure you understand the care instructions beforehand, as some plants require more care than others.

3. Exterior Space

Summer is the time to be outdoors, so create an exterior space you and your loved ones will want to enjoy. There are many ways you can update your outdoor living space. It can be great to add a porch swing, a modular slide, or even small pinwheels if you have kids. You can also update your patio or backyard with summer furniture pieces for a nice lounging space, with comfy chairs, couches, or even outdoor dining set for barbecuing.

Even if you don’t have much space, do something that allows you to relax and enjoy the outdoors. You can add compact lounge chairs, or you can try hanging a hammock or paper lanterns. These definitely give your home a nice summer vibe.

4. Vibrant Colors

Summer is about color and life. Add some pops of color to your home to match the spirit. You can do this with simple summer home decors with fresh and fun patterns, designs, and colors. This could be done with throw pillows on your couch or bed, seat cushions, curtains, mats, an interesting art piece on the wall, or adding more colorful dishes to your collection.

This is an opportunity to show some of your personality in your décor. You could also paint a furniture piece you already have for more color. If you are really into do-it-yourself projects, go the extra mile and paint an accent wall with a bright or pastel color.

Choosing and adding colors to your home can be a great bonding opportunity for your family. Matching colors can be a bit tricky, so try to pick a color first, then create a palette or use Pantone color guides to keep the color combinations pleasing. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun choosing your home’s summer theme.

5. Adjust Lighting

As more light is shining during summer days, allow for more natural light to enter your home. There are easy ways to maximize natural light in your home, like cleaning your windows and window panes, strategically placing mirrors and installing drapes. You can also swap out your bulbs for softer white light to match the outdoor lighting.

Installing a dimmer to make the lighting more adjustable from day to night is also a good addition to your home’s lighting system. This can help you set the mood and make the house more cozy and cool.

Additionally, you can upgrade your outdoor and garden lights too. Hanging fairy lights and installing ground lights give your house a warm and almost magical flair at night. Hanging some lanterns on trees or plants and installing stake lights can light up your path walks nicely, too.

There are LED outdoor and garden lights that will consume very minimal electricity, or if you want some power savers, there are solar-powered lights that are highly ideal for the summer.

Have Fun Redecorating this Summer

Summer is a high-spirited season and a good opportunity to do fun activities, including reinventing your home. This can also be a great time to turn redecoration into a family bonding opportunity that everyone can enjoy. Let your creative imagination work for you to make your home a comfortable and cool space for the warm season.