How Do You Dress Fashionably In The Rain?

Dress Fashionably In The Rain

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Keeping your style game strong in the rain is no easy feat. It’s probably one of the hardest things to do as a fashionable individual when dressing for the rain. After all, it’s not exactly known for its fashion friendliness.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to avoid it (or look like a drowned rat) every time there’s a drizzle or bucketful of water falling from the sky. Keeping your style strong and your outfit waterproof is easier than you think. Here are a few tips for dressing fashionably in the rain.

1. Get a Good Raincoat

The first step to dressing fashionably in the rain is to invest in a good raincoat. A good womens raincoat will protect your outfit from being soaked and ruined, but it will keep you looking stylish. Not all raincoats are made equal, so it’s important to shop for the right coat for your needs.

You can find a high-quality trench coat or an overcoat that will keep you covered from head to toe, but you can also buy a stylish jacket or poncho that will keep your upper body dry while keeping your legs exposed.

2. Wear Layers When It Rains

There is nothing as beautiful as layering clothes when the weather’s chilly. If you have a jacket with a hood on it, then great! You don’t need anything else besides that jacket, especially if there are no windy conditions while it’s raining outside.

However, if there is wind, then you should consider adding an extra layer under your jacket or coat so that you can keep warm without getting too hot and sweaty underneath your coat or jacket. If there’s no wind outside, but it still feels cold because the temperature has dropped significantly, consider adding an extra layer on top of your coat for warmth and under your coat for protection from the rain.

3. Wear Waterproof Shoes

Even if you have a nice trench coat on, if your shoes aren’t waterproof, they’re not going to be able to protect your feet from getting wet and cold when it rains. You don’t want blisters on top of cold, wet feet.

Make sure that any pair of shoes you wear with an outfit when it rains is waterproof or has some water-resistant coating. Depending on your preferences, you should also get a pair of closed-toe shoes that you can wear when it rains.

4. Pack an Umbrella

Besides the right womens raincoat, umbrellas are great if you’re walking outside in the rain. They’re also great if you plan on going out in the rain when it’s windy because they can help shield you from getting wet from the wind. You can even get small umbrellas to fit in your pocket or backpack.


When it rains, we tend to retreat inside. For those who work in offices or other indoor spaces, that can make it feel like you’re always trapped inside on rainy days. However, that doesn’t mean you need to give up your love of fashion on drizzly days. With the right tips and tricks, you can dress fashionably even when it pours.