Enhance Your Crowning Glory With Brazilian Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

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Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair extensions are one of the newest, innovative beauty trends out there today. But what exactly are they? And how do they work? In the next couple paragraphs, I’ll go into the details of how they work, how to install them, and why they’re worth the effort. First, it’s worth addressing the history of the hair extensions, because it’s an interesting history.

Hair extensions, essentially, are fake or real hair that the user attaches to their real hair through braiding or “fusing,” a separate process, in order to give the appearance of having longer hair naturally. The concept of hair extensions has been around for a long time. Historically, the first documentation of hair extensions dates all the way back to the Egyptians, in the year 3400 BC. The Egyptians would wear the hair extensions by braiding them in with their natural hair and using beeswax or resin in order to install the extensions. Cleopatra herself would wear these hair extensions and supposedly, her favorite hair color to install was blue. Since braids originated around the year 500 BC, they became a status symbol to represent a person’s wealth, age, or religion based off of the type of twists the person’s braids came in.

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Of course, Brazilian hair extensions are a much more specific form of hair extensions. Brazilian hair extensions, specifically, are hair extensions to be installed in your hair that originate from Brazilian women. That is to say, the Brazilian hair extensions are usually made of real, human hair, in order to ensure that the user has the loveliest possible hair extensions. But why, specifically, is Brazil so popular? Brazilian hair extensions are so popular because of the texture of the hair. Brazilian hair is very luxurious and versatile by nature and thus it’s considered fairly desirable for anyone who wants to have the effect of beautiful, naturally soft and healthy hair. Brazilian hair extensions are considered to be the highest quality hair extensions on the market today.

So, how do Brazilian Hair Extensions work? Well, they work the same as any other hair extension. First, the person installing the hair extensions needs to part the hair of whoever is having the extensions installed along the nape of the neck so that the rest of the hair is sectioned off separately from the base hair. After separating the hair and putting the top layers into a ponytail, the ‘Wafts” of hair need to be installed depending on whether or not the hair extensions come with clips or without, the next step changes. If the extensions come with clips, the user simply needs to clip the hair onto the base layers of hair. If the extensions don’t come with clips, the user will need to take very small strands of hair at a time and section these pieces off.

The second manner is more tedious, but at the same time, ends up being more natural than the clip in method. In order to “fuse” the hair extensions, the real hair is laid next to the fake hair at the base of the real hair, and heated briefly with a flat iron. Then, while the hair extensions are still hot, the hair is twisted in a rolling motion in order to blend the heated keratin with the natural hair. Fusion is one of the best methods in terms of time, because it lasts from two to three months and can be washed with the natural hair easily. In terms of a finished product, the look of the hair extensions is fantastic when done correctly. There is also the option of braiding, where a person’s natural hair is directly braided with the hair extensions in order to mask the addition of the hair extensions. The false extensions underneath the natural hair make the person’s hair look both naturally longer and healthy towards the ends of their hair.

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Usually, when used, hair extensions are added to a person whose hair is not long enough on it’s own, and as a result, this person will gain what appears to be their own shiny, natural, soft hair. Of course, depending on what type of extensions the person chooses, they could be going for a one night only look or for an extended change of appearance, but either way, the result will appear to be natural and will give the user the appearance of natural, healthy, long hair.