Everything You Need To Know About Beauty Fridges

beauty fridges

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Women strive to achieve that eternal youthful look and beauty. So far, such a product or a treatment has not been found. However, the beauty and the cosmetics industry are constantly and tirelessly working into finding and creating all kinds of different products that will make the necessary change, erase the wrinkles, and brings the much-needed radiance and glowing look on the skin.

When it comes to the products themselves, there is simply no question about whether to use them or not. Without them, the situation and the condition on the skin and the look of the face might only be worse. But, one important issue that many are forgetting is the proper storage of cosmetic products. Like any other products, beauty products need to be properly cared for and stored so that they can have their full benefit and provides the desired results on the skin.

Since the earliest times, our grandmothers have kept their creams in the fridge. Somehow, strange and funny, this was the right way to keep them fresh and effective. The newest cosmetics and beauty industry, without promoting the food fridges as the proper containers and storages for the beauty and cosmetics products, have invented the beauty fridges. And believe it or not, they have made a boom on the market and became a trend that everyone wanted to have.

So, if you are hearing about this device for the first time, here is everything you need to know about beauty fridges, their use, and their popularity today.

What Is a Beauty Fridge?

Beauty fridge is the latest trend that is circling social media, and it is in fact what the name suggests – a fridge for your beauty products. It is a specially designed fridge that is dedicated to all the beauty lovers who want to keep their beauty and cosmetic products properly stored. It is small, practical and just the right type of size to keep the skincare and beauty products cool and well stored. Due to the trend of beauty fridges, many beauty brands and companies have launched their signature fridges that carry their name and logo, and there is quite an offer on the market.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Beauty Fridge?

As you are aware, most of the products, foods, for example, need to be stored in the fridge so that they can be properly consumed and extend their using period. The same applies to skincare and beauty products too. Keeping the beauty products in the fridge keeps them stable, increases their efficiency, and preserves them so they can be longer usable and durable. This especially refers to certain products like strong serums and creams that are quite expensive and by keeping them cool and chilled their shelf life is greatly extended. Also, there is a special feeling when a chilled and cool product is applied to the face. For example, the puffy eyes can greatly benefit from a cooling gel that comes straight from the fridge, as well as the face masks and face creams.

What Should You Store Inside Your Beauty Fridge?

Any product that contains antioxidants, like the Vitamin C serum, can be very unstable when exposed to heat and light. On the other side, when it is refrigerated, it can last longer. Other antioxidants like retinol, vitamin A, vitamin E, and niacinamide that work in the prevention of oxidation of skin cells must be kept refrigerated and cooled so that they can work better with the skin. Also, the skincare products that have soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits must be kept cool. Besides these, in general, the shelf life of the skincare products is greatly extended when they are kept in the fridge. The longevity and the effectiveness are vastly improved and prolonged as well as their application too. For the organic and natural products, that lack preservatives, keeping them cool in a fridge is the only way for proper storage and extending their life.

However, some should not be kept in the fridge, and those are the oil-based ones. Facial oils work best in room conditions and when they are exposed to cold, they will solidify and thicken.

So, here is a quick list of what you should store in your mini beauty fridge:

  • Sheet masks
  • Face mists
  • Eye creams
  • Antioxidant serums
  • Jade rollers
  • Other puffiness-reducing products and tools

Alongside the skincare products, other beauty products are better stored in the fridge other than at room temperatures like fragrances, nail polishes, topical medications. All of these products are small enough in the beauty fridge.

Where to Get a Beauty Fridge?

There are plenty of offers of beauty fridges on the market. However, here is the selection of the top five that have come up, leading with their design, quality, preferences, and customer reviews.

1. Cooluli UO Exclusive Mini Beauty Refrigerator 

If you are one of those skincare addicts that want to show off their beauty and skincare products, then this beauty fridge will most definitely come up on your Instagram feed. On a first look, it captivates with the pastel lilac color. The design is curved to the sides and sleek, and the inside is particularly designed to fit all beauty products cool and visible. Purchase here at Urban Outfitters, Buy Now Pay Later with Afterpay!

Cooluli Skincare Mini Fridge for Bedroom - Car, Office Desk & Dorm Room - Portable 4L/6 Can Electric Plug In Cooler & Warmer for Food, Drinks, Beauty & Makeup - 12v AC/DC & Exclusive USB Option, Pink

2. Sephora Collection Skincare Fridge

The Sephora lovers can remain true to their brand loyalty with the chic and trendy beauty fridge. It comes in two shades: blue and pink. It is sweet and adorable for storing all the cosmetics. Purchase here at Sephora.com, Buy Now Pay Later with Klarna!

3. BeautyBio Limited Edition “EMILIA” Fridge

The Emilia beauty fridge comes fully stocked with some of the most important skincare products, which makes it even more desirable. The design is white and the finish is impeccable. Purchase here at Beauty Bio, Buy Now Pay Later with Afterpay!

4. Flawless by Finishing Touch

This lightweight and compact beauty fridge has an impeccable design, and combines the fashionability of white and rose gold. Purchase here at Ulta

Finishing Touch Flawless Mini Beauty Fridge for Makeup and Skincare, White, 4 Liter

5. FaceTory Fridge

If you want a pop of color, both from the outside and outside, this is the fridge that will fit perfectly on your makeup table. Available in coral and mint, FaceTory Fridge is portable and you can carry it with you on all your travels. Purchase here at Amazon

FaceTory Portable Coral Beauty Fridge (10-L / 12 Can) with Heat and Cool Capacity