How Does Tamanu Oil Help your Skin?

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Tamanu oil is an oil made from the fruit of the Tamanu tree, which grows in various specific areas all over the world. The oil is removed from the kernel of the fruit, and has a very odd blueish-green color as well as a slightly nutty smell.

It’s said to be a great source of skin healing, working towards curing a massive range of skin issues – even ones as serious as leprosy – as well as proving hydration and care to already-healthy skin.

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Tamanu oil is able to heal a range of different blemishes, and can even be used to get rid of acne or similar skin issues. Surprisingly, it’s even fairly effective at fighting off zits, despite being quite a thick oil that would normally irritate them.

This is because of the unique properties of the oil itself: not only is it antimicrobial, but also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, meaning that it prevents three major causes of skin issues and doesn’t irritate or spread them when it’s used. As long as you don’t use too much, you can easily apply it to any kind of blemish or spot and slowly heal the damage.

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Like blemishes, rashes are another skin issue that’s normally quite easy to irritate if you use the wrong chemicals. With Tamanu oil, you get similar results as you would with blemishes – less irritation and faster healing, often with some additional comfort being added thanks to the thickness of the oil. Remember to avoid using too much, though, since this can still cause irritation if you aren’t careful.

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Dry Skin

Dry skin is perhaps the number one reason why so many people use moisturizers and skin products, so you’ll be pleased to know that Tamanu oil has a moisturizing and soothing effect, helping to cure dry areas of skin while also preventing that dryness from developing into something worse.

It doesn’t just have to be on the face, either: you can place it on dry parts of your hands, your arms, back, legs or even your chest: anywhere where you feel dry.

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Stretch Marks

Like dry skin, the moisturizing effect of Tamanu oil can make it a good way to reduce the visibility of stretch marks, both from pregnancy and weight gain (or sudden growth, if you’re applying it to somebody who’s still fairly young). It’s often a key ingredient in certain “anti-aging” formulas for this very reason.

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Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair can cause a lot of painful bumps, and Tamanu oil can’t fix the hair itself: however, it’s a good product to use if you want to calm down the pain these bumps cause, reduce the speed they develop at, or increase the rate that they heal. You’ll still want to deal with the hair yourself if you get a chance, since they can only be cured by deliberately removing the hair or waiting for it to get healed naturally, but a decent amount of Tamanu oil every day can stop it from being such a problem.

Since it’s considered an anti-inflammatory oil, it might even prevent the problem from developing in the first place if you apply it early enough.


While you could say that acne falls under rashes or blemishes, it’s actually a very different beast, and can take a lot more time and effort to get rid of. However, you can use Tamanu oil for acne scars, and you might get better results than with other oils of a similar consistency.

A small amount of the affected areas will start to gently heal the scarred areas, although it won’t happen overnight. Like any skincare product, it takes some time and dedication: however, unlike many acne treatments, Tamanu oil can actually help heal other problems at the same time, and will make your skin a bit softer while also fighting off the spread of the acne.

Even in its purest and most natural form, this effect is still quite clear: it won’t cause any problems with your skin unless you have an allergy to it or layer too much on, so a small amount every morning and night can slowly push back the acne and soften your skin without forcing you to rely on an artificial mixture.

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