How to Care for Gemstone Jewelry

how to care for gemstones

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When owning precious gemstone jewelry, it is imperative to take the appropriate care to maintain their radiant beauty and tremendous energy. Gemstones are primarily derived from minerals, except for pearls and amber which are gemstones but have organic origins instead of minerals. Depending on the type of gemstone jewelry a person has, taking optimal care can vary, paying particular attention to the cleaning process.

Brilliant Earth jewelryBrilliant Earth jewelry

Cleaning Gemstone Jewelry

Understanding what gemstones are better informs how we care for them. Because each gemstone is unique, they also have specific physical properties, which require a careful cleaning procedure.

  1. Start with warm water mixed with a mild detergent or cleaning solution, but avoid any product containing ammonia or chemicals that may harm sensitive gems such as pearls and amber.
  2. Next, clean your gemstones using a brush such as a toothbrush, but make sure the bristles are either “soft” or “extra-soft” to avoid damaging your gemstone.
  3. Lastly, rinse your gemstones in warm water and gently shake dry, followed by a gentle polish with a lint-free cloth.

Make sure the water is not too hot. There are a few gemstones that can crack or break, such as malachite, moldavite, and obsidian. The cleaning process is simple, and you can also make it from scratch with a DIY jewelry cleaner.

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Some Gemstone Jewelry Cleaning Exceptions

Porous gemstones such as turquoise require only wiping with a damp cloth and then patting dry immediately. Beware when using soap, detergent, or cleaning solutions because they can penetrate and change the color to green or an unpleasant off-color blue.

Some gemstones, like malachite and tangerine quartz, contain iron and can rust if it comes into contact with water. Other gemstones, like calcite and turquoise, can fade or dissolve if they get wet. With proper care, cleaning, and storage, gemstone jewelry can last a lifetime, even if it’s delicate. So be sure to handle with care.

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Storing Gemstone Jewelry

Proper storage is essential for the optimal energy to remain in the gemstones. Some gemstones need careful handling. Many influences can affect your gemstone’s energy, appearance, and longevity. When storing gemstones, keep these things in mind:

  • Utilizing display cabinets can be a storage option as well as a fabric-lined wooden box or chest. When gemstones are in display cabinets, everyone can benefit from seeing their awe-inspiring beauty.
  • You can also keep a few in a ceramic bowl but ensure not to mix polished with raw gemstones, which can cause chips or scratches. This problem is especially true if you use a cloth bag or pouch.
  • If a pouch is being used, make sure it is a velvet cloth pouch, and to avoid multiple gems being damaged in the same pouch, make sure to keep each one in a separate pouch.

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One crucial factor when storing gemstone jewelry involves sunlight. When some gemstones are in the sunlight, they can get enhanced, energized, or even cleansed. Others, like amethyst, amber, carnelian, or rose quartz, should be kept out of sunlight to avoid damage. Learn about each piece of gemstone jewelry in your collection to understand how sunlight affects it.

Recharging Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones carry abundant energy; with each use, the energy diminishes, so recharging is essential. There are many ways to recharge your gems.

Brown Rice

Placing your gemstones in a bowl of brown rice can draw out the negative energies.

    1. Bury the gems inside the brown rice for 24 hours.
    2. Once completed, discard the rice and do not consume it.

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Utilizing the sacred herb “sage” by burning it around the gemstones and allowing the smoke to run through the stones for a few minutes can help clear any negative energy.

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You can also use a charging plate for your gemstone jewelry during the recharging time as it is designed for this purpose. Maintaining optimal energy is a big part of caring for your gemstones.

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Gemstone Jewelry – A Lifetime Gift

Owning gemstones can bring a lifetime of benefits. Besides providing beauty, gemstones also have fantastic healing properties and can help deal with stress. There is a definite energy that these magnificent stones emit, such as the gemstone amber that, when rubbed against wool or silk, will become electrically charged.

Maintaining energy is essential to experience the full range of benefits of gemstone jewelry. That’s why proper care, cleaning, and storage are critical. Making time to care for your gemstones can bring you the gift of a lifetime.