How to Choose a Bridal Belt for your Wedding Dress

Bridal Belt

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Bridal belts have really made a splash this wedding season. They are all the rage because they can turn a very inexpensive dress into something amazing, high-end, and chic. And the best part? They are super affordable.

Lovful Bridal Crystal Rhinestone Braided Wedding Dress Sash Belt, White, White Sash, One Size

Bridal belts are made from an array of fabrics and come in several different styles, detailing, sizes, and price points to consider. Below are some helpful tips.

Bridal Belt Fabrics

When looking for the right fabric, don’t be afraid to stray from the material of your wedding dress. A contrasting belt, such as lace on taffeta or satin on silk can be quite striking. It will give your dress a more detailed and designer look. Other good combinations are taffeta over lace, satin over tulle, and—if you want that Vera Wang look—horsehair belts over any fabric.

Bridal Belt Styles

The designers of bridal belts have you covered, no matter what look you are going for. You can find vintage-style, contemporary or modern, Hollywood glam, traditional, super romantic and a plethora of other looks. A great tip is to not be afraid to combine any of these looks. For example, a contemporary, sleek gown would look fabulous with a vintage-style belt… the best of both worlds!

Bridal Belt Detailing

The choices of detailing are abundant, almost overwhelming! There are bridal belts that are completely covered in Swarovski crystals or another bling component. There are belts that are more simple that boast just a floral accent. Pearl belts have become extremely popular for that old-world look. Finally, colored belts are all over the runways—maybe a white belt with a large black flower, or another color of your choice, or a simple colored sash. The possibilities are endless!

Rhinestone Bridal Belt Sashes for Women Dress, Diamond Wedding Belts Sash Ribbon for Bridesmaid Prom Gowns (Ivory)

Bridal Belt Sizes

Bridal belts are available in many different sizes. For example, they may be a very thin belt that is hardly noticeable, or it may be a very wide belt that is the statement piece of your ensemble. Choosing one depends on your body type and which size flatters you most. Feel free to try on many different sizes.

Bridal Belt Prices

The prices of belts are all over the map, but for the most part, they are very affordable. Just stick with costume beading. The average price range for a bridal belt is from $50 to $400, depending on all the factors discussed above. Be sure and look online for great values!

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