How to Get Gorgeous Locks Like Your Favorite Celebrities

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It seems impossible that celebrities should always have such gorgeous hair. Even when it’s a tousled mess it still appears to have been the subject of precision coifing. And you’ve probably commented more than once that your hair would look just as good if you had an army of stylists at your beck and call. But the truth is that while most celebrities have their stylists on hand for major events, they are like most everyone else in their day-to-day lives, fixing their own hair and makeup. And because it’s their job to look good all the time, and most of them take it seriously, then tend to take good care of their lustrous locks and make sure that their ‘dos are in place before they step out the door. The long and short of it is that you can have the glossy tresses you see on your favorite celebs if you’re willing to put in the effort. And here are just a few tips to help you achieve the perfect head of hair you crave.

Cut and Color

The place to start is at the beginning, with your cut and color. If you’re only willing to spend fifteen bucks on a bargain-basement haircut and you do your own color from a bottle, you’re bound to get exactly what you pay for: cheap-looking hair. This is not to say that you have to spend hundreds of dollars going to the high-end and uber-pricy salons that the stars frequent, but it behooves you to find a moderately priced stylist that works at a reputable salon. You’ll want someone who listens to your wants but steers you firmly towards cuts and colors that are not only flattering, but also suit your personality and your lifestyle. Further, you’ll likely have to go to one person for cut and another for color. Since stylists tend to specialize this is your best bet to get a great cut and color every time.

Maintenance and Styling

From there you need to consider the level of maintenance and styling you’re willing to go through. A good colorist can add highlights in a way that makes them blend a little more naturally as they grow out so that you aren’t going in every three weeks for a root touchup. And a good stylist can give you a cut that looks just as good wash-and-go as it does with hours of blow-drying and flat-ironing. If your stylist tells you that you’re going to have to buy Chi flat iron tools and other devices in order to make your hair look good, you might want to go to someone else. That said, you should be willing to put a little time into your daily look.

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The Right Products

Purchasing the right products can help you here, and again, you don’t have to spend a ton of money in the process. In many cases the products you find at the pharmacy will work just as well as the pricy ones the salon tries to sell you, especially with so many stylists creating their own discount lines. You just need to know which products will give you the foundation you need for smooth, straight locks, volume and lift, or curl control, for example.

A little guess-and-check may be required, but with a targeted product lineup, the right tools, and a couple of good stylists on your side, you can have tresses that put even your favorite celebrities to shame.