How To Correctly Use TIGI Dual Hair Waver

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Last Updated on March 18, 2022 by Steal the Style

When it comes to styling your hair, wavy hair have never gone out of fashion. They are popular among women of all ages.

Gentle and light waves in your hair not only increase their volume and enhance texture, but also make sure that there is movement in your hair which may otherwise look too still. Moreover, wavy hair look great in summertime.

Most of the women use an iron to get this beautiful look. However, if you want improvements and want it to be less time consuming, TIGI dual hair waver will be the best choice by far. This hair waver has three different barrels which make your hair wavy and beautiful.

Moreover, these is also a button for temperature control. Using this feature, you can ensure that the waver works on an appropriate temperature for your hair type.

Using TIGI Dual Hair Waver


1) First of all, make sure that you turn over TIGI Bedhead dual hair waver and slide the lock button so that the waver is open. Once you have opened the waver, you should plug it in and turn it on. You can adjust the temperature according to your hair type and other factors that need to be considered like room temperature, skin type etc. You will have to keep a higher heat setting for dense hair. If you have light hair, the temperature will have to be reduced. An optimum temperature ensures that your hair are not damaged by heat.

2) You will be able to see a pink colored knob at the top of the waver. It will be located just above the center barrel. This knob is used for different types of waves. You will be able to adjust the size of waves through this knob. If your turn the knob once, you will be able to create large waves. Moving the knob backwards will ensure that the waves are comparatively small.

3) The next step is to clip half your hair on top of your head. You should wave small sections as this would be easier. In order to wave a section, gather some hair which are not clipped and hold them. This section of hair should be about three inches wide. Now open your waver and clamp it down starting from the top of this section. Now gently drag your waver to the bottom of this section. Hold the waver at top of the section for about three seconds every time you do it. Once you reach the bottom, this section of your hair will be wavy. You can keep doing this for different sections of your hair until you are completely done.

4) Once you are done waving the unclipped portion of your hair, you should use TIGI Bedhead dual hair waver for waving hair on top of your head. Simply unclip hair on top of your head and repeat the above mentioned steps. In a few minutes, you will have beautiful looking wavy hair. You can use a hairspray to keep your hair this way throughout the day.