The History of the Chemise Dress

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A chemise dress is a basic, classic dress that fits loosely to a woman’s body, with no waistline. most chemise dresses are made out of soft, silky, materials such as silks, polyesters, and cottons. a long time ago, chemise dresses were used as basic undergarments to protect clothing from body sweat. Here is an interesting fact, the term chemise is French, sexy right? The term in French means “shirt”, however, the chemise dress ended up proving to be way more than just a shirt.

Avidlove White Satin Chemise for Women Slip Under Dress Mini Sleepwear Nightgown

Within years it started to become one of the most known lingerie topics in the lingerie industry. Chemise dresses are the cutest way to be sexy and have comfortable sleepwear at the same time. There are also chemise dresses used for other purposes in the bedroom, but it all started out as just a basic undergarment.

The history of the chemise dress

As said before, chemise dresses were first used as undergarments. Women wore them under their gowns and robes. It soon become an outer garment to western countries. A chemise was usually made at home sewn together by women. Old time chemise dresses had sleeves, mostly long sleeves, and the outer garments had a more fitted waist. In the modern day, this type of top would make most women gag, but back in the days when chemise dresses were first made, these were tops that were always being used. To those women back in the earlier days, the chemise top was very fashionable.

Modern day chemise dresses

The modern day chemise dresses are completely different from the one the old queen of England would have used. The chemise dress in now a very important piece of lingerie clothing, resembling baby doll tops. The chemise dress is a sleeveless top with a low cleavage cut, and a loose fit. Of course being lingerie, now the chemise dresses have various sexual styles that are flirtatious and provocative.

Ekouaer Sleepwear Womens Chemise Nightgown Full Slip Lace Lounge Dress

Some of these chemise dresses include lace, shiny leather, flower lace designs, chemise and thing sets, sheer mesh, and more. The chemise dress went from being a plain undergarment with little responsibility, to a sexy lingerie item, that holds many great assets. Websites such as provide some of the sexiest selections for lingerie chemise dresses.