Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Day Style

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With the buzz from the royal wedding dying down, a princess of another kind takes the spot light. Kim Kardashian, LA’s Armenian princess wed Kris Humphreys on August 20th in a private ceremony that will be broadcast to the world in October. Of course, many of the details have already been leaked which means you can use her fairy tale wedding as inspiration for your own.

How can you have an over the top wedding like Kim and Kris?

It all starts with the dress, or in Kim’s case, dresses. It’s become popular among brides to wear one dress for the ceremony and another for the reception. Kim took this to a new level changing not once, but twice. All three were custom Vera Wang dresses, and she took full advantage by wearing three completely different styles. Her original gown, a princess ball gown evoked a “Cinderella moment” when guests saw it. Her second gown was a fitted mermaid dress that complemented her curvy figure and reminded her hubby just how lucky he was. Finally, she wore a fitted satin dress that was easy to move in and evoked an old-Hollywood feel toward the end of the night.

If you’ve got the money for a mid way dress change, go for it. With so many wedding day styles, a dress change means you don’t have to settle on just one. If your budget allows for just one dress, consider making smaller changes, like letting your hair down or removing or adding a headpiece.

A great gown can always be better with fabulous jewelry. Kim topped hers off with $10 million worth of Lorraine Schwartz jewels; the most stunning being a diamond encrusted headpiece. Not all brides opt for a tiara or headpiece; however it has become more popular after the royal wedding and now the Kardashian’s affair. Use balance when choosing your accessories, if you do decide on a headpiece, leave out the necklace.

Kim and Kris spared no expense on their wedding favors either. A simple bar of soap with the couple’s initials wasn’t enough and instead the couple filled entire bags with all kinds of personalized goodies. Bejeweled flip flops, custom nail polishes named “Here Kim the bride” and “Wel-kim to the family” were among the wedding day swag.

Of course with all of Kim’s connections, it was easy providing guests with an assortment of treats.  It’s a bit more difficult for your everyday bride. Keep in mind that quality trumps quantity, and a personalized gift that reminds guests of you is key. Need inspiration for your own fabulous bags? Check out’s wedding forum for ideas from other brides.

While Kim and Kris’ wedding was definitely a show stopper, keep in mind that it was filled with personal touches. It’s great to use her fairy tale day as a source of inspiration, but remember to make your day your own. There are many ways to use her wedding as a springboard for ideas and change them to fit your budget and personality. Be creative and have fun creating your own fairy tale.