5 Tips on How to Handle a Man Who Plays Games

Man Who Plays Games

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There’s this saying, “Gentlemen are from Mars, and ladies are from Venus.” It seems like men and women think differently, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

One issue that may arise in your relationship is when one party starts to feel like the other is playing mind games. If this happens, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the signs indicating that a man plays games. We’ll also share tips on how to handle a man who plays games.

So, how will you know if men play mind games with you?

5 Signs He’s Playing Games

Beware! Men play games when he shows these signs:

1. Fluctuating Mood

Your man has two different sides. He has hot and cold behavior. Some days he’s too happy, and other days he’s too sad. He seems never to have a typical day when you’re around.

Today, he will ignore you and get angry quickly over small things. The next day, he would want to spend all day with you and desperately need you.

Basically, a man giving you mixed signals indicates that he’s playing games with you.

2. He’s Not Proud of You

Even though you’ve been dating for a while, he still hasn’t introduced you to his friends. He always says, “I’ll do it later,” but he never does.

These are the usual mind games men play. When a friend of his suddenly appears, he doesn’t call you his girlfriend. Instead, he calls you “his friend.”

Or worst thing, he is dating other girls – and that’s a red flag.

3. Constantly Insensitive to Your Feelings

He can be so lovely and portrays a “good guy” image when he wants to get into your pants. But as soon as you say no too quickly, he treats you like nothing to make you feel guilty.

He will say one thing to you today and something else tomorrow. This can lower your self-esteem.

If he keeps telling you about his past long-term relationships, he is just messing around with you. So, don’t waste your time entertaining him.

Keep in mind that this kind of game player is dangerous for someone who wants an honest and committed relationship.

4. Makes You Feel Flawed and Insecure About Yourself

Men who enjoy playing games often do things that make their partners feel horrible and insecure. They are fond of hurting another person’s feelings.

On the other hand, great guys know that most girls don’t want to feel wrong, which can affect a woman’s self-esteem. They respect their women and never tell them they’re not good enough, even when sometimes they are.

5. Shows No Interest in Your Life

He may have asked you where you live or how many siblings you have on your first date, but he quickly forgot the details. Also, he avoids your family and friends and doesn’t even know your favorite ice cream flavor or movies. This man plays mind games and doesn’t want to commit.

If a man likes you, he’ll uncover everything about you (even your favorite nail color) and spend time with your friends.

5 Tips to Deal with a Man Who Likes to Play Games

Here’s how to handle a man who plays games:

1. Keep Distance

Guys play games because they may be confused about their feelings for you.

If you think your man is playing games with you, be cold towards him initially. This behavior will let him know that you don’t want him to play any of his tricky games.

But then again, you don’t have to put up with people who don’t treat you with respect. So, keeping a safe distance can be a better solution.

2. Let Him Know That You Are Aware

How to manage a guy who plays games should not be a sleepover topic. You have to take a stand.

Let him know that you suspect him of playing games with you. When you do so, don’t feel guilty. Say it to him with full confidence. How he responds will determine if your relationship is worth saving.

3. Be Silent

When you’re silent, it’s easier to manage a guy who plays games. As a woman, quiet is a virtue, says society — and now is the time to do so.

Tread carefully if your muting doesn’t improve his behavior after a week. He may not actually need you.

4. Don’t Feed Into It

Don’t fall for a guy who plays games with you, no matter how charming and intelligent he is. Own your self-worth and don’t get blinded by his “positive” characteristics or be fond of his “great guy” persona.

Don’t allow his gung-ho attitude to affect you.

5. Turn Him Down

Finally, refuse him. You’re too good for his juvenile dating games. You deserve to be treated right, not a plaything.

When he gets self-righteous and defensive, as all man-children do, ignore him or, better yet, cut ties with him instantly. You don’t need to hear his weak reasons.


It would be quite difficult to determine whether or not the man you’re dating is playing games. However, there are a few signs that he might be. If you think your partner has mixed feelings towards you, handling the situation with caution and understanding is essential.

Playing hard-to-get may work for some women. But if it doesn’t feel right, then don’t do it. There are plenty of men who want an honest relationship and aren’t just looking to play around.

The bottom line is to cut ties with a confused man instead of assuming that he is just playing games.