How Do I Choose the Best Bra Style That Fits My Body Well?

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Do you ever have trouble finding the best bra style for your body?

We all have different breast types and physiques and it’s often a challenge to find the types of bras that’ll work well for us. We want to find comfortable bras that also keep our breasts in place.

So how do you find the right bra style and maintain your fashionista status?

This quick guide will help you decide how to find the right bra style for your body.

Here’s what you need to know:

Try Multiple Sizes

You might have always stuck to your exact size for wearing bras. However, sometimes you might be more comfortable going a size up or a size down.

The size you choose can also enhances your breasts and push them up or hide them β€” whichever you prefer. Don’t hesitate to buy multiple sizes of a particular bra for different occasions.

Consider a Bandeau Bra

Bandeau bras aren’t always the most popular but these are often the best bra styles for most women. These are comfortable and subtle and are perfect for wearing under a t-shirt.

You can view this product to see how a Bandeau bra will look on you. You’ll also find what materials work best to keep you comfortable.

Wolford Women's Sheer Touch Bandeau Bra Black EU 80D (US 36D)

Choose a Thick Band

The band of your bra should be thick and stable and shouldn’t push up your back. It should also hug your torso comfortably without having to poke into your body.

If the band doesn’t fit you comfortably then you should avoid the bra altogether. You might like the other features but in the long run, this will be too uncomfortable.

Make Sure the Cups Are Fitting

You want to make sure the cup size fits your breasts perfectly. You need to ensure that your breasts fit comfortably within the cups. If they don’t get support then you’ll feel uncomfortable in the long run.

You might have to go a bit tighter at some times to ensure you have a bra that fits you without issue.

Choose the Sexiest Look

The final step should be to choose the sexiest look for your bra! Whether you’re planning on showing it off or keeping it hidden, you’ll feel more feminine with a beautiful bra.

Lingerie is more than comfortable underwear and comfortable bras. You want to make sure you feel confident with the lingerie that you choose.

Choose colors that match your skin tone and that you find beautiful. Contrast them with the clothes you’re wearing to feel extra confident.

Victoria's Secret Shine Strap Push Up Bra, Adds One Cup Size, Padded, Plunge Neckline, Lace, Bras for Women, Very Sexy Collection, Blue (32B)

That’s How to Choose a Bra Style

Now you know how to choose a bra style that’ll fit your body and make you feel sexy.

You want to first try multiple sizes to see what works best for you. You might need to own different sizes for one bra.

For many women, a Bandeau bra will be the most comfortable choice. You should also stick to a thick band and wear fitting cups. Don’t hesitate to also go for the sexiest look.

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