How to Measure Men’s Suit Jacket

How to Measure Men's Suit Jacket

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Do you want your suit or tuxedo to ruin your look? Measurements can make or break you, meaning that perfect measurement makes you smart while the wrong one can sabotage your look.

Therefore, you have to measure appropriately when it comes to making suits. Some people like to wear suits a little bit loose-fitting while others tend to use tight-fitting suits.

If you are confused about your suit size, you have to know it before you get any. You can visit Arcteryx for different types and sizes of suits that will best suit you. When you tend to buy your suit online, it becomes a bit tricky to get the right fit for you, right?

However, in this article, we are going to solve the puzzle of suit size and how to measure a man for a suit. So, without making the intro more descriptive, let’s start to discover the unknown about the sizes of suits.

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Understand the Size and Shape

Before you find your suit online or offline, it is essential for you to understand the size and shape of suits and jackets. What if you have bought a pricey suit online and after receiving it, you cannot wear it? Maybe, it does not fit you well and when you stand before the mirror, it looks weird.

To overcome the weird situation, you have to understand a few terms related to choosing the best fit for you including chest, length, pant size, casual clothing, formal clothing, and much more. Don’t worry I will let you know everything you need to understand before you choose your suit.

A suit jacket is an important part of any man’s wardrobe. A well-tailored jacket will make you look sharp and professional. In order to get the perfect fit, you need to know your measurements. A handy tools is a fabric tape measure.

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Measuring the Chest

Start with the chest measurement by measuring the width of your chest at its widest point using your measuring tape. This is usually around the nipple line. Write this number down. The number should be between 34 to 52, depending on the individual’s chest size. If you do not take the measurement perfectly, the suit will not fit your body well.

You can do it yourself but it would be more meaningful when someone else, maybe, your friend will do the measurement for you. When you start measuring your chest, make sure you don’t inflate your chest. Try to take the measurement in a normal position so that you can get a good fit when it comes to purchasing one for you.

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Measuring the Jacket Length

In comparison with the suit, jackets are typically short ranging from short size to large. When you head to a market both online and offline, you will come across something like S for short, R for regular, L for long, XS for extra short, and XL for extra large.

Different companies and brands come up with different sizes and shapes. Among them, you have to choose your jacket. It should be advisable for you before you buy a jacket or suit, all you need to do is try the jacket or suit on your body. If you feel comfortable and it fits you, you can go for the purchase, right?

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Measuring Pant Size

Don’t you think that it is important to measure your suit pants size as well as your suit and jacket? Well, you might discover two different numbers on the label of the pants. One of them will tell you about the size of the waist while another will say the length.

So, you should never be confused here. There are many who get confused and think just the opposite. Some companies out there only provide the waist size with their pants while others come up with both.

Not only that you will find pants having only even numbers, meaning that they come up with only the waist size of 32, 34, 36, and so forth. However, you can cut the length of your pants after purchasing but it should not be a wise choice, right?

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Sizes Differ From Brand to Brand

Maybe, you know well that a 36L jacket’s size might fit you or not depending on the brand. Yes, it happens for all. That’s why size differs from brand to brand, not widely but slightly. In this case, your best fit might be a 38L jacket which you buy worry-free.

When you buy the same size jacket from another brand, it might not fit your body well. Do you know why it happens most of the time? It is very simple- brand to brand size difference. So, it will be a wise decision before you purchase any jacket, suit, or pants for you if you can try them on you.

Before you head to buy a suit jacket, make sure the brand is the same one you always use. It does not mean that you cannot buy from another brand out there in the market. Yes, you can but consider the size and brand. One size can be different for you when the brand is different.

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Final Thought

Measuring your suit jacket is an important part before you buy any of them. Your investment might go in the trash if you could not buy the best fit for you. Always, you have to keep in your mind your best size in terms of suits, jackets, pants, etc. Otherwise, chances are you might repent after making a purchase online or offline. So, be wise and think before you go buy anything like a jacket, pants or suit.