6 Natural Ways to Suppress Your Appetite

Natural Ways to Suppress Your Appetite

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Certainly, one of the biggest problems in losing or maintaining weight is appetite. The reason for intensified appetite varies from not eating enough fiber and nutrients to stress. But in the effort to suppress yearning many forget the fact that healthy and regular dieting is essential both for feeling full and maintaining health. Today, weight loss clinic Chicago will share the optimal ways to suppress appetite with a positive effect on metabolism. These natural alternatives are not medicaments that can potentially cause side reactions, but usual home remedies that have the ability to cut hunger.

The feeling of hunger and satiety is regulated, at a basic level, by the intestinal signals to the brain that the energy is needed, when digestion starts hormones signal to the brain that hunger needs are satisfied. But, this correlation between the brain and stomach is complex. Many factors can afflict our brain-gut responses, such as emotional stress, fatigue, physical activity, health conditions, and others. Sometimes, we eat unconsciously out of boredom, social gatherings, stress, pleasure, and habits, which can blur the difference between hunger and groundless cravings.

1. Spices

Species like turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cayenne peppers, black peppers, fennel, curry, and dandelion are competent in burning calories. Besides these metabolic properties, they can normalize glucose level and have an anti-inflammatory function.

A combination of spices and high carbohydrate food in the meal can surge diet-induced thermogenesis and lipid oxidation. DIT is the dissipated energy as heat after the meal, and some resources indicate that the deficit of DIT might be one of the causes of obesity.

Capsaicin is the substance naturally appearing in chili peppers that lessens the level of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger. Also, this phytochemical compound is responsible for the spiciness in peppers which provides unpleasant hotness for humans and makes you eat slower, thus, influencing transient receptors in the digestive system that affects metabolism.

2. Green Tea Extract

Extract of the green tea represents the contracted form of the green tea consumed in a beverage or capsule. Green tea can significantly decrease the level of the appetite hormone ghrelin and elevates adiponectin, a hormone linked to cholesterol and insulin, low levels of this hormone cause metabolic disease, and insulin resistance. The great amount of catechin epigallocatechin-3-gallate, EGCG, decreases fat cell proliferation and increases fat burning, with the ability to promote a thermogenic effect.

Green tea properties also compound cancer-fight and improvement of cognitive disorders.

3. Saffron Extract

The beneficial properties of the saffron extract are in promoting endorphin and serotonin. While this hormone is not directly linked to metabolism, the effects of elevating mood have an oblique impact. As one of the overeating causes is stress and emotional eating, the benefits of saffron will help in relief. Another advantage of drinking saffron is its ability to decrease tiredness and give you more energy to exercise.

4. Food High in Fibers

Fibers are a major agent in providing a feeling of a full stomach. Chia seed, flaxseed, beans, legumes, and fruit and vegetables rich in fiber are the best choices to supply yourself with healthy nutrients with fibers that will make you feel satiety. Consuming small amounts of this food throughout the day will suppress your appetite by contributing to a fullness. The fiber in food absorbs water in the larger count of their weight, which slows digestion and makes you feel full longer consequently prolonging the time to the next calorie intake.

5. Grapefruit and Peppermint

Grapefruit can suppress food cravings by stimulating the lymphatic system. Smelling grapefruit extract or peppermint can affect the central nervous system and alter nerve signals to regulate appetite and fat metabolism. Some researchers suggest drinking peppermint or grapefruit tea can significantly lower food cravings by simulating ghrelin-induced cravings and making you feel full. Nonetheless, the smell of citruses reduces sugar craving and uplifts the mood to prevent emotional eating. Enzymes in grapefruit help in the digestion of fat and sugar maintaining the balance of glucose levels in the blood.

Take the advantages of grapefruit essential oils by adding them to the diffuser for rooms or offices or add a drop in the bathtub, while peppermint is convenient as chewing gum and in aromatic candles.

6. High Protein Food

Proteins have the natural proportions for providing a fullness feeling. Proteins are substances that the body has a hard time breaking down, and which take longer to metabolize. This gives the advantage of maintaining full and satiety. Also, proteins reduce the secretion of ghrelin, while increasing thermogenesis and metabolism. Protein-rich food such as eggs and meat provides conjugated linoleic acid, which has filling characteristics. CLA is found to recess the body fat and reduces the values of fat cells in the body.


Naturally suppressing the appetite may not be very challenging with the above-listed remedies, but losing or maintaining weight takes much more than this. These ingredients can only help manage weight by stimulating thermogenesis, balancing blood sugar, improving mood, and reducing hunger hormones, however for achieving weight goals it’s crucial to have healthy dieting, and regular exercise.