Essential Oils To Help You Sleep Better

essential oils

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As much as we wish it to be the case, there is no single cure-all for a lack of sleep. Struggling with trouble sleeping can have a deep impact on many aspects of our lives. Not only does a lack of sleep cause stress, it can also result in anxiety, a lack of focus, and long-term health problems that ultimately negatively impact our loved ones and ourselves. 

essential oils

So what works best when it comes to fighting off a lack of sleep? A combination of the most effective sleep-inducing tips and tricks is your best bet. Starting with the basics when it comes to your bedroom – the best mattress, the right temperature, and then moving on to your nightly rituals and sleep hygiene can help you slowly and systematically build a sleep routine that works well with you. 

Essential oils have been shown to be one of these effective tools for better sleep. A natural alternative to over-the-counter medication, figuring out which essential oils work to optimize your own rest, and how to use them can be tricky.

Here are our top tips and tricks for those looking to optimize their own sleep cycles with the help of essential oils, and better sleep practices in general :

Why Using Essential Oils Might Help With Sleep

Essential oils can have a variety of different benefits, including building up your immune system, soothing feelings of stress, and creating a ritual that you can truly look forward to at the end of the day.

Lavender essential oils are most popularly associated with high-quality rest and sleep. In one study, lavender oil was shown to improve the quality of sleep in participants who used them by proving to be a mild sedative that aids in how quickly you can fall asleep. 

Essential oils can also be blended together to combine benefits and various levels of potency. Combining these with the best mattress you can find for your sleep will allow a truly cozy sleep experience. Popular blends include spruce needle, chamomile, tansy, amongst others. Finding the right blends really comes down to matters of personal preference. 

Popular Essential Oils To Use As You Wind Down

While lavender remains one of the most popular essential oils you can use for your sleep, there are plenty of other options that are equally effective when you’re trying to get your eight hours of recharge every night. 

Finding the right balance between these can help you achieve the rest you desire. Some other essential oils good popularly used in aromatherapy include: 

  • Sandalwood: The scent of sandalwood has been used for centuries for it’s calming and focussing properties, so it’s well worth a try if you prefer earthier smells over floral ones.
  • Bergamot: This light, citrusy smell of bergamot helps those who struggle with sleep anxiety, and provides a sense of freshness and restfulness to any room. 
  • Tea Tree: Tea tree oil has had success in multiple fields of wellbeing, and can be used for anything from relieving a headache, keeping your skin clear, to helping bring a warm and peaceful scent to try and fall asleep to. 
  • Jasmine: If you do prefer floral or sweeter scents, then jasmine essential oils are especially useful for uplifting and energizing your space.

Other Effective Ways To Integrate Essential Oils With Your Sleep Routine

We all know that good sleep begins with the basics you need to get it. This means investing in the best mattress you can for your sleeping position, and ensuring your bed has been optimized for your own personal comfort. 

If you’re on the lookout for the best mattress possible for your bedroom, you might want to choose something made of memory foam. Memory foam mattresses have been an increasingly popular choice for those looking to improve their sleep routines. This is partly because memory foam mattresses are a versatile choice for those looking for the best mattress for multiple different sleeping positions. 

Their molding capabilities also allow memory foam mattresses to provide a good balance fo support and comfort through rest. When looking out for the best mattress possible for your room, you’ll also want to make sure you’ll be able to maintain and look after your bed effectively. 

The best mattresses will come with detachable covers, that make cleaning and maintenance a lot easier in the long term. One way to integrate essential oils with your sleep routine and your fancy new mattress can be by diluting it in water and gently spritzing some over your mattress cover. 

Having your bed lightly scented with these fragrances will add to how cozy your bed feels as you’re working towards keeping your sleep schedule regular. Just be careful when spritzing down your mattress, as you want to do this at a safe enough distance so that the water doesn’t damage your mattress. 

If you’re not convinced your mattress will take too kindly to any kind of scent, or you’d rather keep your essential oils at a safer distance, there are other ways to keep your room lightly scented. 

If you’d prefer to keep the scent of your essential oils present in some element of your bedroom without the use of diffusers, then you might want to try infusing the scent in your blanket, curtains, or using them in the form of air fresheners that you can hang around in your bedroom. Candles lit on the side of your bed can be another simple way to get the scent of essential oils infused in your space.

Regardless of whether or not you have the best mattress for your room, finding the right sleep routine to optimize your rest takes some work. Using essential oils is just one of the many ways you can strengthen your sleep routine.

Doing your due diligence when it comes to research, switching things up every once in a while, and treating sleep as important as you might treat exercise or your diet, can all help you get closer to striking the right balance. 

So light those lavender scented candles and give some of these tricks a try – you’ll find yourself snoozing comfortably before you know it.