How to Use an Essential Oil Bracelet: 7 Tips

How to Use an Essential Oil Bracelet: 7 Tips

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Did you know the essential oils market will hit 33.26 billion USD by 2027?

With researchers finding no negative side-effects to the use of essential oils, millions of consumers are adopting the chemical-free powers of oils for their health, cleaning, aromatherapy, and emotional properties.

The goodness of essential oils isn’t limited to your home either. Take your oils with you to the office, in your car, and even wear them as a stylish fashion accessory.

Ready to embrace the oily lifestyle? Follow along to learn how to use essential oil diffuser bracelets with these 7 top tips and tricks and discover the undeniable essential oil bracelet benefits.

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How do Diffuser Bracelets Work?

Diffuser bracelets are a great way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils with minimal effort. They work by absorbing small drops of oil into the bands and releasing their therapeutic effects throughout the day. To use a diffuser bracelet, simply add a few drops of essential oil onto the surface of the band. The oils will then be absorbed by the band, allowing you to inhale their aroma as you go about your daily routine. Diffuser bracelets are an easy and efficient way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils without having to buy and set up any fancy equipment or appliances.

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 Choosing Your Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Before you can understand how to use essential oil jewelry, you’ll need to know how a diffuser bracelet works.

As you may have noticed, essential oils take best to fabric and skin. They can easily absorb into these textures and don’t slide off as they do on a hard surface such as a bead. This is why you won’t be able to apply oils to your average jewelry.

Essential oil bracelets actually contain beads that absorb the oils and diffuse them as they are worn. The most common beads for this purpose are lava beads or wood beads that then transmit the scent of your favorite essential oils.

To get the best result from your essential oil bracelet, you’ll want to choose options that have at least two or three of these absorbing beads. Some bracelets may contain only lava beads, while others will combine the absorbing beads  to apply essential oils, you can pair them with other gemstones for other benefits.

The perfect bracelet option will offer you functionality and style by combining beautifully colored gemstones with the benefits of the lava stones. The gemstones on the bracelet also boast spiritual properties that can serve to heighten the benefits of the essential oils, so be sure to choose stones that are relevant and helpful for you.

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2. Selecting Your Carrier Oil

Once you’ve found the perfect bracelet, you’ll need to decide what oils to use. You’ll notice a large price difference between drug store essential oils and the therapeutic grade ones you find in health food stores and online.

While the cheap oils may be tempting, it’s important to pay attention to the quality of the products you choose. Many brands dilute their oils to drop the price or add in artificial fragrances to make them go further.

Each essential oil has a different purpose. Oils like peppermint or lemon will give you an energy boost while choosing woodsy oils such as cedarwood or pine will serve to ground you.

Essential oils can be used for physical, emotional, and spiritual purposes, so be sure to do some research when choosing which oils you will take with you for the day on your wrist.

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To apply your oil to your bracelet, simply select your oil and carefully release two to three drops onto the absorption beads. If your bracelet is all lava beads, you don’t need to soak every single bead. Doing so could drink up a large amount of oil and produce an overwhelming presence on your body.

Instead, apply your oil to just a small section of beads. Once your drops have hit the bead, use your fingers to massage the oil into the pores. This will promote better absorption and allow the bracelet to diffuse the beautiful scent for longer.

Once the oils are absorbed, use the excess on your fingers to prime your wrists and you’re ready to go – start enjoying the aromatherapy benefits!

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4. Creating Your Own Blends

If you want to use more than one oil on your bracelet, you’ll need to create a mix.

Placing drops of multiple oils directly on your bracelet can lead to an uneven absorption and cause one of the oils to take over. This not only defeats the purpose of the mixture, but it also causes wasted essential oils.

To make your mix, use a small bottle or vial and add a few drops of each of the desired oils. Swirl the mixture or use a metal utensil to blend. Now use a dropper or carefully pour the mixture onto your bracelet and proceed as normal.

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5. Ditch Perfume

One of our favorite essential oil bracelet benefits is their ability to assist in your chemical-free quest. While many consumers are on the track to remove chemicals from their homes, perfume can be a difficult habit to quit.

Of course, the artificial fragrance is packed with harmful chemicals but the benefits of smelling clean and fresh are oh so appealing. Fortunately, an essential oil bracelet allows you to keep a beautiful chemical-free scent with you all day.

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6. Deepen Your Practice

Yoga and oils go together like peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately, not all studios have a diffuser set up throughout the class.

With essential oil bracelets, you can take the spiritual and emotional powers of essential oils with you to every class and experience an even deeper connection in your practice.

Simply set your intention and choose the oils that best support it.

7. Cleanse Your Beads

Like any other bead, your essential oil bracelet will need to be cleansed and charged to maintain its properties. This is especially true when your bracelet contains other healing crystals as well.

To cleanse your bracelets, you can use smoke from sage, saltwater, or even wash away the energy with rain. This serves to restore the healing properties of your bracelet and deliver the wearer the best results.

Charge your bracelets with beautiful energy by leaving them in the moonlight when the full moon arrives to experience the full potential of your gemstones.

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How to Use an Essential Oil Bracelet

Now that you know how an essential oil bracelet works, you can set forth with confidence on your new jewelry purchase. Use these tips for how to use an essential oil bracelet to get the most out of your jewelry and reap the benefits of both oils and gemstones.

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