5 Tips to Choosing the Best Shoes for Your Workouts

shoes for your workouts

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The old adage says the right clothing makes the man. The same rings true when it comes to exercise.

The right shoes for your workouts make a big difference in your performance, in the gym or out for a run. 

Wearing good shoes not only gives you a fashionable look but they protect you from injuries. Great look, well-built shoes give your arch support. That arch support improves your athletic performance.

And when you’re shoes look good, your confidence level rises as well.

If you’re wondering how your athletic progress depends on the right shoes, check this out. Here are some tips for choosing the best shoes for your workouts.

1. Know Your Feet When Choosing Shoes for Your Workouts

Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes and so do our feet. While knowing what clothes feel good on your body, knowing how your feet feel in shoes is important as well. 

Different brands of shoes offer fittings for most common types of feet—narrow and wide. Examine your feet. Use a Brannock Device to get an idea of the length and width of your feet. 

This device helps you learn your foot from the heel to ball to toe. You’ll learn about your instep and your arch. This way you can avoid buying narrow shoes if your have flat, wide feet and vice-versa. 

2. No Two Shoes Behave the Same 

Different types of shoes help you perform different tasks. For example, don’t buy mountain-climbing shoes to do aerobics.

Making your shoes multitask is the best way to damage your feet. 

If you’re a runner, buy shoes that have more flexibility and let your feet breathe. Don’t use the same shoes to go for an afternoon walk. Your feet behave differently when you walk and so do your shoes.  

Buy a pair for each activity. 

3. Don’t Buy Shoes Before You Have Breakfast

One of the worst mistakes people makes is going on a shoe shopping spree before breakfast. Here’s why.

Your feet swell throughout the day. Depending on the type of exercise you do, they expand as well. Buy shoes when your feet are at their largest size. Shop after dinner if you must.

4. Don’t Force the Shoe to Fit

Don’t believe the myth that you can buy a smaller shoe then break it in to fit. That’s the best way to hurt your feet and other muscles in your body. 

Try different pairs of shoes until you come across a comfortable pair that fit. Move around the store in them to make sure they fit right.

5. High Price Doesn’t Always Equate to Comfort

If you’re into fashion, stylish exercise shoes matter, but don’t get taken by the price tag.

Just because a shoe is priced high doesn’t mean it’s the best pair for your feet. An $89 dollar pair of shoes may offer more comfort than a $150 dollar pair. 

Shop for comfort, value, and safety, not price. This site is a great place to start. 

Buy the Right Shoes

The right pair of shoes let you work out in style while helping you progress athletically. Don’t let a high price persuade you.

Learn your feet and buy shoes for your workouts that compliment them.  

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