Reviewing the Latest Lip Serums

Lip Serums

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Last Updated on August 24, 2023 by Steal the Style

Luscious looking lips are a must-have when it comes to beauty, yet many people neglect proper care of their lips. However, making sure your lips look great and are properly hydrated is easier than ever before. There are some stunning lip serums on the market that will do an excellent job of beautifying your lips and have a variety of added benefits to give your lips the care they deserve. Take a look at this list of the top latest lip serums to see which one will best suit your needs whether hydration or full plumper.

Lux Unfiltered N°15 Soothing Lip Serum

The last thing you’ll want when wearing lip serum is for it to be heavy, sticky, and greasy – you’ll wish you hadn’t bothered if that’s how your lips end up. The great thing about Lux Unfiltered’s No15 Soothing Lip Serum is that it’s light, non-greasy, and smooth to apply. Plus, it’s flavor-free, so you can forget all about it once it’s on. 

If you’re looking for a lip serum with color too, this won’t be the right option for you, and it is quite a pricey choice, but the benefits far outweigh these small issues, and the antioxidants included, along with the cooling ceramic applicator, mean this is the kind of lip serum you’ll love using time and time again. You can get it from or from their Amazon store

Patrick Ta Major Volume Plumping Lip Gloss

If you want stunning and dramatic plumping results from a lip serum, you might be disappointed in the Patrick Ta Major Volume Plumping Lip Gloss because you won’t get them. However, you will get subtle results, ensuring your lips have a great natural look. It works great to enhance their natural beauty. 

This product contains cinnamon and ginger, so it smells (and tastes) great, but there’s a practical reason for these ingredients, too – they boost blood flow, and that’s what helps your lips look fuller. The consistency is smooth and non-sticky, and it will stay on your lips for hours before needing to be reapplied. 

La Mer The Lip Volumizer Lip Gloss

This lip volumizer lip gloss from La Mer is expensive, but in this case, you do get what you pay for, and the results speak for themselves. You’ll get brilliant, highly noticeable results immediately, and the fluid way the lip gloss is applied means it’s an easy, quick way to get the right look and feels silky smooth too. 

One excellent thing about La Mer’s lip gloss is that it’s hugely hydrating, so not only will your lips look smooth and plump, they really will be. It includes menthol and capsicum, stimulating blood flow and offering the kind of result you’ll definitely be smiling about. However, it’s important to note that the smell is quite strong, and it does make the lips tingle for a little while, so it might not be the ideal formula for those who are fairly sensitive and whose skin is irritated easily.