How to Rock the Tie Dye Trend With Slip-On Casual Shoes

Slip-On Casual Shoes

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Tie-dye is synonymous with summer seasons during childhood, but the psychedelic trend can continue to be worn well into adulthood. It even made an appearance on the runways during spring ’19 fashion weeks.

A pair of slip-on casual shoes infused with electric colors perfectly adds funky flair to your everyday looks. The trick is to balance the hippy-inspired style with neutral hues like white trainers and plain-washed jeans or khaki chinos.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

There’s no doubt that tie-dye shoes are a significant trend. From rainbows to galaxy-inspired prints, the DIY-friendly footwear is a fun way to show off your style. Celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Jonah Hill, have embraced the trend. And when it comes to men’s slip-on casual shoes, there are plenty of great choices using the Journeys promo code. Choosing the right colors for your shoes and outfit is essential. For example, light neutralsโ€”such as white and off-whiteโ€”mate well with most tie-dye fashions. This is because most tie-dye apparel has some white showing through, even if it’s not as prominent as the color on top. You can also go for a head-to-toe tie-dye look. This is especially effective when you’re wearing a jumpsuit. A jumpsuit can help you create a bold, self-assertive statement, but you must choose the right color palette for your footwear and accessories. For example, if you’re going with a blue tie-dye jumpsuit, pair it with white sneakersโ€”preferably with some tasteful green grass marks. Sneakers are a great choice because they are versatile and can make or break an entire look.

Think Beyond the T-Shirt

A T-shirt may be the easiest way to rock the tie-dye trend, but plenty of other garments can make a splash too. For example, a feminine tie-dye slip dress is a sexy and alluring summer-perfect outfit. The psychedelic hues and flowy silhouette can be styled with chic accessories to add a swanky vibe. A pair of ripped jeans can also be styled with a tie-dye top. This looks incredibly cool when teamed with a bucket hat and chunky trainers. A bold ring or bracelet can enhance the contrast between the denim and the slouchy top. Another great option is a colorful tie-dye bikini set. This look is ideal for anyone spending ample time near bodies of water and adds a bohemian touch to any wardrobe. The ’60s and ’70s-inspired clothing styles first gained popularity as a hippie fashion trend, but it remains a popular choice for those who consider themselves free-spirited. If you want to dip your toes into this trend without going full psychedelic, add a flash of color with socks or shoes. These smaller pieces are easier to wear and won’t conflict with other items in your outfit, like a neutral-toned T-shirt or a pair of jeans. It’s a good idea to start with darker colors, as lighter shades can sometimes overpower them.

Go Head-to-Toe

Whether you’re rocking the tie-dye trend with a tee or an entire outfit, these sneakers are a must. The casual style pairs with everything from sundresses to denim skirts and ripped jeans for an off-duty look perfect for weekend explorations or your next vacation. The psychedelic colors of the rainbow tie-dye look great on shoes, especially the slip-on variety. If you’re trying to achieve a more sophisticated grunge look, consider a darker hue of the tie-dye effect. To use your tie-dye kit best, prepare your shoes by removing their laces and soaking them in a solution of warm water and soda ash for 20 minutes. This helps the fabric absorb the dye better. Apply the dye slightly at a time, leaving space between each color for blending and ombre effects. Working with a small brush is also helpful for better control of the color application. Dark colors tend to overpower lighter shades, so start with them last (such as blue and yellow).

Add Accessories

To help your tie dye look pop, ensure you remember the accessories. An accessory with a matching tie-dye pattern can make your outfit stand out. A tote bag with a matching color can be the perfect way to carry your money, keys, and anything else you need while you’re out on the town. You can also add a fun touch to your footwear by creating your pair of slip-on casual shoes with a DIY dye kit. Start by removing the laces and soles of your shoes (if you want to keep them white). Then soak the shoes in warm water and soda ash, a common ingredient in many home dye kits. Then apply the dye with a brush, following the specific instructions on the kit. After you’ve added the dye, let the shoes sit in a cool place until they’re dehydrated. While it’s only sometimes the most popular menswear trend, tie-dye is undoubtedly returning. You can embrace this colorful style by wearing a brightly tie-dyed tee with your favorite pair of jeans or adding fun patterns to your socks. If you’re feeling more daring, consider going head-to-toe in the look by wearing a tie-dye jumpsuit or a tailored suit jacket. And, of course, remember a stylish tie-dye bucket hat to top off your look.