How To Protect Your Glasses From Damage

How To Protect Your Glasses From Damage

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Glasses are indispensable for those with weak eyesight and other eye problems. But it has also emerged a stylish fashion accessory for many.  Even those who need to wear prescription glasses, look for a frame and style that will suit their personality or that which makes a style statement. Once you have them you need to take care that they are handled with care as they may break and lenses can have scratch marks. This is all the more crucial in case of prescription lenses as it may affect their performance. Some simple measures can go a long way in preserving the beauty and performance of glasses.


Eye care professionals recommend cleaning glasses by softly rubbing the lenses with fingers with clean soapy water and dry them with clean and soft cloth. Use of rough cloth or tissues may make marks on the lenses. Most of the optical stores provide a sturdy case and microfiber lens cleaning cloth along with spectacles. One should always keep the glasses in the case and try to use the cloth provided inside to clean dust and marks on the lenses. Use of household cleaners is also not advisable as spoil the frames. If you accidentally break your lens some optical stores provides you the option of getting them replaced for free on the basis of your prescription.

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Avoid Scratches

To avoid scratches on your lens never keep your spectacles facing downwards or in bags with other items as they may get trampled. When not in use always place them on a clean and dry and safe place. Putting them on sink or together with vanity items may lead to sprays and sprinkling of cosmetic items and make marks on the lenses. Some lenses which have anti-reflective treatments done on them may get spoiled by any kind of sprays.

When holding your glasses use both your hands for wearing or placing it back in the case. Another factor that can greatly affect the adjustment of your glasses is that one should never allow others to try their glasses. Your glasses have been custom fit for you and if others try it may lead to starching of the frames and thus make it loose. Glasses should always be worn on your eyes and not on the head as most of the prescription eyeglass lenses are fitted to fit there. The position of the lens and frame is aligned in a way to enhance your visibility. Tampering with frame fittings may adversely affect their performance and your visibility.

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For longevity of your glasses getting them adjusted every few months is a good idea. This helps in reviewing any problem in the glasses and fixing them. Never try to fix a broken frame on your own but take them to the optician who will fix it properly. Reglazing services provided by Reglaze My Glasses Is also simple to use and gives your spectacles a new life.

How To Protect Your Glasses From Damage