3 Ideas For Stopping Screen Glare In Your Media Room

Stopping Screen Glare

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Last Updated on November 27, 2022 by Steal the Style

Summer is just around the corner, the days are getting longer and the Sun is out more, all of this can only mean one thing: soon it’ll be nigh on impossible to see what’s happening on your electronic screens!

With the Sun being out more throughout the day, that means there’s a longer period of time that the Sun will be beaming directly onto your television and computer screens, causing screen glare which will make it hard for you to see what is happening on the TV.

Electronic screens get this annoying screen glare as electronics screens are more often than not made with a glossy finish. This glossy finish often causes external light to be reflected in the image on the screen, which is what causes screen glare.

Worry not however as we have a few tips on how you can reduce the screen flare off of your screens in your media room, so keep reading and discover how you can reduce screen glare in your home!

1. Perfect Your TV Placement

The simplest way to reduce screen glare in your media room, is to move your television screen out from the path of the light. By re-positioning your television set so that windows and other light sources are behind the screen, will immediately cut down on the amount of screen glare coming off your screen.

If windows and other light sources are unavoidable in your home’s media room, then you’ll need to get a bit creative. You can install your TV on a wall mounted system, the wall mounting system should have an arm that can tilt or rotate, by using this, you can tilt your screen away from the light sources to reduce the amount of screen glare.

2. Invest In Window Shades

If the screen glare on your television screen is being caused by natural light coming through the windows in your media room, you can cut out the light from entering the window by purchasing a made to measure roller blind for your windows, this will stop light from coming in and causing that annoying glare.

With roller blinds, you’ll have the option to choose between a dimout blind and a blackout blind. Dimout blinds will resolve the screen glare, but still let some light through to keep the room lit. A blackout blind will also stop screen glare, but it will block out all of the light from coming through the window, which will leave your media room rather dark. Either type will resolve screen glare, but if you want a cinema feel to your media room, the blackout roller blinds will be the best choice.

3. Adjust Display Settings

Our final piece of advice, if you’re somehow still dealing with screen glare issues is to play around with the display settings for your television screen. A simple thing to do, is to just increase the screen brightness, this should counteract the screen glare and allow you to see what’s happening.

However, when you increase the brightness of your screen, that may impact the contrast and saturation of your screen, so you will want to tinker with those settings as well so that you get the best picture possible on your screen.