Stylish Carpet Trends To Look Out For

Stylish Carpet Trends

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Since they were invented back in the ancient Persia, carpets have always served as a piece of decoration. In the past, the choices were limited to beige only, which was considered to be a neutral yet necessary addition to every household. Fortunately, there are literally thousands of patterns in different colors and new carpet trends are appearing every day. Without further due, here is a list of carpet trends that are all the rage right now.

Color & Texture

Most changes have happened in the field of coloring the carpets. In addition to creating infinite layers and mazes which merge into flawless rich texture, colors have been a great addition to it, especially if there are more than a few on a single carpet. It is a popular thing and highly in demand to have a carpet which combines both rich colors and texture. The stylistic and fashion appeal are beyond anything you have ever seen or witnessed before, and the woven patterns just make up for anything that you might have wanted to see on your carpet.


New way of manufacturing carpets has brought new demands by the clients. Thus, we can see many modern designs and products with cut and loop yarns, high and low loops. Also, it is totally by the latest fashion to have swirls, lattices, pins and dots and plaids in your carpet. Adding any of the mentioned choices to your household will add that missing ingredient, which will make your house stylistically complete with a small dose of mystery. Carpet texture and pattern tend to increase the perception of quality and value in every carpet, and have a beautiful contrast with smoother elements such as walls, furniture and counters.


Another very important factor which started a revolution in carpet manufacturing is its softness. Namely, customer feedback over the past 10 years has finally been heard, for the manufacturers have decided to spend more time on designing soft and lingering carpet, which is gentle and comfortable. This is especially important when picking cheerful floor rugs for kids, as you want to make sure that their bedroom floor is covered with only the softest carpet on which they can lay around and play. Softness has become a major factor in carpet manufacturing business, and it is yet to achieve its prime form in the years to come.


The comfort factor has never been this high, especially in the past 2 years when the customers demanded comfort prior to everything else. It is never an easy task coming up with something unique, yet when the competition is fierce it is either “do or die”. Indulging that plush velvet pile in your bedrooms, or a deep texture, or shag pile is a rising trend highly popular. Multilayered carpets have once more founds them classified as “luxurious”, and their price has reached new waters. Sisal Wool and its natural appearance are now high in demand for their soft underfoot and appealing looks. Comfort has become and will remain top priority in the years to come.


It has become a very popular thing to think about carpet’s longevity, duration and sustainability. Both the designers and the users think of it as one of the main factors that might decide whether the carpet will end up in someone’s household or not. Offering a wide spectrum of colors, new carpets are made of mostly sustainable fabrics, which are completely recyclable and nature-friendly. They are built to last for decades, and make sure that your floor stays warm and comfortable to walk on.

Many different trends have risen, making it quite difficult to satisfy all groups of customers. Being a carpet manufacturer is a very profitable business and it will continue to be so in the future.