How To Choose The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Face Type

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The best time of the year has arrived – looking for new stylish summer accessories. You may think that choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses for this summer is not such an easy task. There are so many affordable shades in various shapes and sizes that it seems unfair not to buy more than one type. But, if you follow a few important tips and select sunglasses that match the shape of your face and your look, you will be satisfied more than ever.

Round Face Type

If your face type is round, the great option would be to choose either aviator style sunglasses or any kind with rectangular or square frame.

These types will emphasize the shape of your face and fit you perfectly. The Wayfarer shades are probably the best example of these, since they really look perfect on anyone and are made to match any outfit. With this type, you’ll never go out of style. One more option would be to choose oversize glasses, because big glasses make a statement. Just be careful not to look like a fly – make a balance and pick smartly.

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Oval Face Type

Lucky you – with this type of face, any type of sunglasses would be an excellent choice. However, when you pick, make sure that the sunglasses are as wide as the widest part of your face. You can go for the aviator style, wayfarer, oversized or even cat-eye. It’s up to you, really.

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Square Face Type

For a square face type (recognized by a broad forehead and a strong jaw), square or rectangular are a big NO, NO since they just point out the shape of your face. Go for oval shape of shades that have a sort of an elongated frame. These will soften the angles of your face in a good way.

Or, you can pick round glasses instead – they have become really trendy these days. Round frames are mostly associated with a vintage look, so if you prefer that sort of fashion, your ideal choice has been made.

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Heart-shaped Face Type

This type of face is characterized by a wide forehead and a narrow pointed chin. So, square sunglasses best suit it. Also, you can play a little and pick and choose between wayfarer or sunglasses with a low set bridge and the lenses lighter at the bottom. A shape of frame to avoid would be the raindrop shape, cause it makes the face look longer. Also, stay away from the sunnies that have the cat-eye shape.

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Triangular Face Type

Glasses that have rectangular frames and sharp edges go well with this face type. But, you can go a bit crazy and pick sunnies with raindrop shaped sunglasses – these will suit your face really nice and you’ll feel as stylish as ever. If you follow the tips correctly, you will make no mistake if you sit down and choose your sunglasses online, as there are great many options available and there’s no need to rush.

Rectangular Face Type

These face types should wear sunglasses with oval frames as they soften the sharp face edges and make a nice balance. You can choose wide frames that come in many colors or try out the mirrored lenses – both of these will add a new element to your outfit. A colored frame that suits you well and that you like will show you have a good eye for fashion. And – you’ll enjoy wearing something that makes you look fabulous.

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If you ever happen to be in doubt which shape of sunnies to choose for the upcoming season (and you are aware of your face shape), remember this simple piece of advice – just go for the opposite!