5 Tips for Choosing Flattering Frames

Flattering Frames

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Frames for eyeglasses change along with every other fashion accessory. Whether glasses are bought to aid in better vision or simply as fashion accessories, it is important to choose frames that flatter the face. Some types of glasses may look really attractive, but they may not look right on every person. The following points suggest the best frame styles for each face shape.

1. Oval Face

People who have oval-shaped faces should buy frames that are wider than average. Putting on frames that are longer instead of wider will only make an oval-shaped face look longer. If a person has a long chin, such glasses will also make a chin look longer. However, a wider set of frames takes away attention from the lower half of the face by making it look slightly wider.

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2. Square Face

A person with a square-shaped face should choose frames that are round or oval-shaped. Glasses in the shape of a rectangle or square should be avoided. These glasses will only accentuate the square shape of the face. By choosing frames with a rounder shape, the face will look more balanced.

3. Round Face

Putting a pair of 1900s-style round spectacles on a round face may have been fashionable in that era. However, it does not look quite right. Compare such photos to those of a person with a round face wearing rectangular frames. The winner is clearly the rectangular frames. Most people who have rounder faces want to try to find ways to make them look a little longer, and wider rectangular-shaped frames work well for this purpose.

4. Heart Face

People who have heart-shaped faces with higher cheekbones can wear just about any style of frames. As a rule, it is best for such people to work with their eyebrow shapes. Rectangular or oval frames accentuate arched eyebrows. Rounder frames are better for people with straight eyebrows.

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5. Triangular Face

Very few people have this face shape, but triangular faces are best suited with oval frames that do not stick out past the temples. However, if the jaw is wider than the forehead, wider oval frames are best. Although square frames may not look great with this face shape, they may work for some individuals.

The most important idea to remember is that frames should never match a person’s face shape. For example, a square set of frames will make a square face look sharper, and a round set of frames will make a round face look bloated. If the person’s eyes are close together, the lenses should be spaced significantly apart. For eyes that are set far apart, it is best to choose frames with lenses that are closer together. People with small faces should pick smaller frames, and people with larger faces should choose bigger frames. Although the mouth and eyes contribute the most to facial expressions, frames can alter the overall appearance of a face. The effect may be positive or negative, so it is important to choose glasses that will be beneficial instead of detrimental.

Author Sara Roberts has a background in health and technical writing. She is a content contributor for Just Eyewear, a fashion-inspired retailer of glasses and sunglasses.