The Uber Chic Appeal of Messy Hair

Messy Hair

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Short haircuts and tousled styles have been popular throughout history.  Take a look at busts or paintings featuring ancient Greeks and you’ll see the classic short and choppy style dating as far back as ancient philosophy.  Widely considered primarily for men, the short look began to grow in popularity with women in the West during the 1920s.  Since then, its level of popularity has only grown as successive generations of both men and women have come to love this chic and versatile style.

Short and Messy = Flexible Style

One of the more surprising facts about short hairstyles is how flexible they can be.  By simply using the right products short hairstyles can be changed quickly to adapt to almost any look.  Thanks to a wealth of new and innovative styling products including Tigi Bedhead, the short haircut is now more versatile and flexible than ever before.  This versatility makes it an ideal option for both men and women who want to have a changeable look.

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Slick Back for the Classic Touch

At the one end of the style spectrum is the slicked back, clean and classic look that so many people use.  It can be worn to convey a professional appearance at work and also works well with high end fashion.  It’s also easy to achieve thanks to products which can smooth the hair back and tame even the toughest curl!  The look is called a classic for a reason – it goes with everything and always looks good.

Tousled and Messy for a Flirty Look!

On the other end of the spectrum is the true Just-Rolled-Out-of-Bed look which allows stylishly messy hair to become a fashion accessory in its own right.  This look gained a lot of popularity in the late 2000s and particularly since the rise in Emo and Manga/Anime.  Although no longer associated exclusively with any certain subculture, the messy and tousled look has become simply synonymous with a casual lifestyle.

Everything In Between

While short hairstyles can be styled to reflect both of these extremes in fashion, it also looks great for any look in between.  The products used to create any style can now be found through most shops as well as through specialty shops. These can also offer advice on how to team products up with one another to achieve the best look possible.  This can be done with the use of products in many different lines or through a line which offers a wide variety of product and style solutions.

Short hair styles have had a place in the look of mankind for generations.  As time has gone on and fashion has evolved so, too, has the versatile and always flexible style of wearing short hair.  From the classic style which fits almost any look to the flirty and casual look of a messy ‘bed head’, short hairstyles are able to be adapted for any personality, lifestyle or look of the day.