How to Throw Your Friends a Christmas to Remember

Throw Your Friends a Christmas to Remember

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Christmas has long been known as a time for family – to show appreciation, to spend quality time together and to make memories that will last a lifetime. However, an increasing number of folks are electing to spend Christmas with their friends instead, with around 1 in 10 electing to avoid family for Yuletide celebrations before the COVID-19 pandemic. And why not? There are many reasons you might be spending Christmas with your pals – whether for the safety of your family, or simply because “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb”. Whichever way you fall, here’s how you can host a Christmas to remember with your dearest friends.

Set a Theme

Not every Christmas has to be purely about wreaths, mistletoe, presents in pyjamas, and dressing your best for Christmas dinner. With your friends, you can eschew the traditions you don’t like and impose an unlikely theme – making your Christmas unlike any other before. This could be as simple as theme as requiring everyone to wear an ugly jumper for the day, or you could decide to make this Christmas a spooky one, and embrace the resurging popularity of the ‘ghost story for Christmas’ tradition, with themed decorations and readings of M.R. James’ best.

Catering for All

In order to ensure that your Christmas is enjoyed equally by all of your friends, you’ll want to be aware of any individual catering requirements ahead of preparing your Christmas dinner. Some of your friends may have a nut allergy, which could prove difficult if you were to inadvertently feed them a nut-filled stuffing ball on the day! Research gluten-, dairy- and nut-free alternatives to any of the dishes you intend to make, so as to keep your dinner inclusive and keep your friends well-fed.

Alternatively, you could rip up the Christmas dinner rulebook and open up the responsibility to your whole group. Have everyone bring a side-dish of theirs to the party, like a pot-luck of sorts, and concern yourself with providing the mains and desserts. This way, everyone gets to show off their own Christmas dinner specialty, and you get to bring out the luxury chocolate hamper to top off a wonderful collaborative feast.

Decorate to the Nines

However you intend to plan out your perfect Christmas day, it simply isn’t Christmas without the requisite decorations. There is no such thing as too much tinsel, and a warm and vibrant house filled with festive décor will wow your visitors. Be sure to bring your best decorating game to your Christmas tree, which will no doubt be the focal point of your early afternoon – a beautiful tree will have your friends delighted to place their gifts under it before you all sit down and open them together, surrounded by your festive cheer.