Which Celebrities Still Wear Furs and What They Love About It

Which Celebrities Still Wear Fur

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Furs are the best thing you can wear, when the weather gets cold outside. It is probably the only thing that can really keep you warm, when the temperature drops below zero. That said, most celebrities don’t wear furs because they live in a northern land; they wear it for style. Here are a few celebrities that have been seen around wearing furs, in the last few years.

Fur: A Symbol of Social Status

Some things never change. That is certainly true of celebrities wanting to show that they have reached a certain social status, or that they have class. Since people started wearing furs, they have played a big part in helping actors, singers, and other famous people express their accomplishment. When someone shows up wearing a lynx coat or a chinchilla fur coat jacket, he or she gets noticed right away. That’s something celebrities like. That certainly explains why some of them still love to wear furs, whenever they find an outing where it will make sense to put them on their back.

We all remember the great stars of the past wearing mink and fox. Two of the biggest names that come to mind immediately, when tackling this subject, are celebrities who wear fur such as famous women of the screen including Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. No one can forget the mink jackets and accessories that Marilyn wore, which increased her sensuality even more. Today, the faces that we will find in the news, wearing a fur coat, jacket or other accessories, are also at the top of their class. There is no denying that Kim Kardashian is a superstar of reality TV and that Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez are two of the most famous singers of their era, which goes to prove that fur is still one of the elements that celebrities like to use, in order to show that they made it.

Why Do Celebrities Enjoy Furs?

Famous people like to be positioned as a continuity to what happened before. Furs are a timeless fashion that has always highlighted individuals wearing them. However, these people wouldn’t wear their grandma or grandpa fur coats. It is today’s fashion designers that enable them to continue sporting on furs. If you go to Paris, Milan or New York for the fashion week, you will find furs on most catwalks. They come in all style, length and colours, which ensures that at least one will be adapted to the celebrity’s style. Fashion keeps creating new fur trends and actors and singers simply love to follow them.