Why Are Badges Worn on the Left? [Explained]

Happy smiling young business woman wearing blank badge. Name tag on chest. Person identity label. Business card mockup.

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If you wear a name tag to work, which side of your chest do you tend to put it on? If your answer is “the left”, you’ll find comfort knowing many others do exactly the same. You’ll find discomfort knowing, however, that this might not be the most efficient side to wear it on.

Happy smiling young business woman wearing blank badge. Name tag on chest. Person identity label. Business card mockup.

While many badges are worn on the left, the right side is the preferred side for name tags. Here’s why.

Why Are Name Badges Worn on the Left?

There simplest reason why most people wear badges and name tags on their left is because the majority of people are right-handed.

It’s much easier to pin a badge to your left side if you’re right-handed. If you’re right-handed, a badge just doesn’t feel right on the right side of your body.

This, however, is not the most efficient or correct way to wear a name badge. It could even be detrimental to you during business meetings, parties, and networking events! Here’s why.

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Why You Should Wear a Name Badge on the Right

You should always wear a name badge on the right side of your body for one simple reason: Introductions.

When you go to shake someone’s hand, you extend your right hand to the person. When you do this the right-hand side of your chest is readily visible to the person you’re introducing yourself to. With your name badge on the right-hand side of your body, the person will be able to read your nametag, allowing them to read who you are and how to spell your name.

When you shake hands with someone, their eyes will naturally start on your hand. They then move up the arm towards the eyes. On the way to the eyes, they’ll pass by your name badge, solidifying your name in their head.

With your badge on the left, the person can’t read your name. They’ll hear your name when you say it, but chances are it won’t stick as well. When you give the person something to read the chances they’ll remember your name rise.

Memorability is crucial whether you’re at a dinner party, introducing yourself to potential clients at a networking event, or trying to make a good first impression at work. It can also help clarify your name to people if it has a complicated spelling. Nobody likes asking someone how to spell their name, so this lowers the chances of that happening.

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But Pinning a Badge to the Right Is Hard

If you’re right-handed, pinning your name badge to your right isn’t the easiest task. This is especially true with traditional pin-method badges. There’s nothing more frustrating than fumbling around with a tiny pin with a hand that won’t do what you want!

Thankfully, there are simple ways to make this easier.

One of the best ways to fix this issue is with magnetic name tags. These name tags have a metallic strip on the back, with a magnetic pull-apart piece. All you have to do is pull the magnetic piece off the badge, position the badge itself on your right, then slide the magnetic piece into your shirt.

The magnets will clasp through your shirt, keeping your badge securely on your right side. You don’t have to mess around and waste time trying to manage a tiny pin with your non-dominant hand ever again!

You might also consider a pocket slide badge.

These name tags are made to be slipped into the pocket of a shirt. The nametag portion hangs outside the pocket, while a panel on the back of the badge goes inside the pocket. This keeps it readily displayed without having to mess with a bin or magnet clasp.

If you want to revolutionize the way you wear your name badge, you can see more here. You’re sure to find a solution in one of our many name tag options. From premium pin badges to bulldog swivel clips and more, Best Name Badges has what you’re looking for.

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Should All Badges Be Worn on the Right?

The right-hand-side rule only really applies to nametags. There are, in fact, badges that should be worn on the left.

Lapel pins, for one, are meant to be worn on the left, near the heart. This is especially true if your lapel pin is shaped like an American flag. The flag is a sacred thing meant to be respected, so wearing it over your heart is seen as a patriotic.

This seems to be the general consensus when it comes to lapel pins in general. Lapel pins are mostly worn to high-class affairs, including work meetings, company parties, and networking events. Your lapel pin likely represents your business or something important, so wearing it over the heart is respectful and dignified.

It’s important to note that not all companies see it this way. Some have specific rules regarding which side you should wear your lapel pin on. You should always familiarize yourself with the specific rules of your organization if you’re not sure.

Remembrance Day poppies are another example of a badge worn on the left. It’s seen as respectful to the troops to wear it on the left, and disrespectful to wear it on the right.

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Never Wear Your Badge Wrong Again

Now that you know the rules of wearing badges, name tags, and lapel pins, you’re ready for whatever might come your way.

If you’re heading to work or a networking event, wear your badge on the right. If you’re trying to be respectful with a lapel pin, wear it on your left. Remember these simple rules and you can never go wrong!

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