Why Indian Jewellery Designs are Popular Worldwide

Indian Jewelry

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From time immemorial, India has been widely acknowledged as a country with such a rich cultural heritage and tradition.

In recent years, this uniqueness has received massive global attention. In particular, the design of Indian jewellery pieces, a demonstration of the artistic excellence and gemological traditions of Indian craftsmen and artisans has taken the world by storm and globally, the demand for these pieces of jewellery is on the increase. One is left wondering, “What has made the Indian jewellery designs so popular worldwide?” We will answer this question in this article but before that, a little background.

The Indian Jewellery

The use of jewellery in India can be traced back to as much as 5000 years ago. That is huge. It is a practice steep in cultural symbolism as jewels were a sign of wealth and an object of great beauty. They were also used as spiritual symbols. The art and crafts by which the designs were made were well-protected secrets passed down through lineages so that the craft and practice of it could remain in the family.

Some of the most popular pieces of Indian jewellery are the Rajasthan jewellery, the Kundan, the Jaipur, Terracotta and Bikaneri jewellery. Many of these jewellery pieces are made with gold, silver or precious stones handcrafted to perfection. It is said that about 11% of the entire world’s gold is owned by Indian women in the form of jewellery. Just the jewellery alone and not even considering the other forms of art. You’ll agree with me that it is huge. Beads and Stone Necklace are more more popular among the Indian Women

What Makes Indian Jewellery Designs So Popular?

Why is it that the demand for jewellery pieces with Indian designs is receiving greater attention globally? Here are four major reasons.

1. Increased Use by Hollywood Celebrities

Where the celebrities go, the world often follows. It is thus not so shocking that there is an increasing demand for Indian jewellery after celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Adele and Miley Cyrus have all been caught on camera flaunting these products, even to international events. That in itself can spark a trend.

2. Use in Fashion Week

Fashion weeks provide an avenue for fashion designers to showcase their latest designs and determine the next direction of the fashion industry. With many more designers leaning towards Indian jewellery pieces and appearing in them looking exquisite and elegant, the world is bound to follow the train likewise.

3. Adaptable Fashion Accessories

As with Indian fusion wear which also has great global appeal, Indian designers have successfully blended traditional designs with modern requirements producing a unique set of jewellery designs that is fitting for several different occasions and outfits. This is unlike many fashion accessories that are selective and can only be used with certain outfits. Having such an accessory, that can be used in several ways is definitely a plus thus contributing to the soaring demand.

4. Elegance

Beauty always sells itself. The more attractive an ornament is, the more attention it will draw to itself. This is another factor with Indian jewellery pieces that are known for having elegant finishes, bright and attractive colours and breathtaking designs.

Besides, they are known for being lightweights. Nobody wants a jewel that drags them down and makes them uncomfortable and the lightweight associated with Indian jewellery designs despite the materials with which they are made solves that problem allowing for beauty with comfort and increasing its global appeal.


Whatever the jewellery piece you are looking to purchase, ornaments with Indian traditional designs will serve you well. Be it a beads and stone necklace, a golden bracelet or a silver ring, you can be sure there is something beautiful for you.