Will Breast Implants Cause Back Pain?

Will Breast Implants Cause Back Pain

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While it is possible that large breasts can affect and exacerbate back pain, it’s not necessarily true that they are the cause of that back pain. There’s a difference between back pain cause by large breasts and back pain cause by being overweight or needing to improve physical fitness, but breast size is often blamed.

Factors such as a lack of exercise and a corresponding lack of strength in the core muscles can do much more in causing back pain than large breast implants.

How Large Breasts Affect Posture

The weight of large breasts can cause a significant shift in the center of gravity in a woman’s body and this can result in a number of potentially negative side effects on the body’s musculoskeletal system. Any additional weight extending beyond this center of gravity can add up to ten times its weight in pressure on the spine due to the effects of gravity. Over time, this can affect the spine and cause long term back problems and alter the gait and posture. As these problems continue, they can worsen into conditions such as pinched nerves and herniated disks.

It is common for women with large breasts to change their posture in order to relieve some of the pressure and compensate for the additional weight. The upper back is pulled back and lower back adjusts by arching to distribute weight to the front. This can provide temporary relief, but is difficult to maintain over a long period of time and will eventually affect the spine.

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Potential Affects and Complications

A change in the curvature of the spine can lead to a host of other back problems which affect the vertebrae as well as the skin, muscles, and nerves of the back. It can lead to lordosis which causes neck and back pain in the upper and lower back and often occurs as a combination of muscle spasms and pinched nerve syndrome. These side effects may also affect the gait causing long term muscle and spinal problems.

Choosing Implants

While many women each year decide to undergo breast reduction surgeries in order to aid their backs, many more women are having breast augmentation surgery without complications or complaint. Having large or heavy breasts can certainly contribute to any back pain or problems a patient may be experiencing, but breast implants are unlikely to cause significant back pain mainly because of their weight. While naturally large breasts can be heavy with fat tissue and other contents, breast implants are made of a relatively light material that undoubtedly isn’t significant enough to affect your back.

Do Breast Implants Cause Back Pain