How To Decide The Right Hair Extensions For Your Hair Type

How To Decide The Right Hair Extensions For Your Hair Type

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More people are choosing to enhance the length and volume of their hair with extensions, which can be installed with different methods and last for several months. For those who are looking to find the right extensions that look natural in their hair, there are several factors to consider before finding a match of the right hair extensions for your hair type. Between comparing the hair color to choosing an appropriate length, a few tips are available when finding the right type.

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Choose a Similar Shade

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your hair extensions is to match them to your hair color. The color of hair extensions should be the same color or only one shade lighter or darker to appear natural and blend in with your natural hair. This can add dimension to the hair and allow it to appear fuller. The hair can also be purchased a few shades lighter and dyed darker once it is installed in the hair to ensure that it blends evenly.

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Measure for the Right Length

Whether you want to add more length to your hair or are simply using the extensions for more volume, you’ll still need to consider the length of extensions you’ll be using.

To determine the right length, measure from the back of your head between your ears to the desired length that you want to achieve. You can also choose to purchase a longer set of 18 inch hair extensions and trim them for a custom style. For those who want a natural look, stick with hair that is one to three inches longer than your natural length. To achieve a dramatic style, you can use hair that is four to five inches longer than your ends.

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Consider the Texture

It’s important to match the texture of your hair to the hair extensions for an even amount of volume. Hair extensions that are thick and coarse can easily stand out in hair that is too thin. Similarly, hair extensions that are too thin can hide in thick hair and have a minimal effect.

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Determine How You’ll Style the Hair

It’s important to decide how you’ll style your hair with hair extensions. If you prefer to use a high amount of heat on the extensions with curling and crimping, consider getting fake hair that won’t become damaged easily. For others who will leave the hair natural and straight, virgin Malaysian hair will appear most natural.

When deciding which hair extensions to use in your mane, it’s important to consider the type and color for a natural blend that will enhance the quality of your natural locks. Whether going longer or adding more volume, it will make for a gorgeous transformation that will immediately enhance your appeal.

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How To Decide The Right Hair Extensions For Your Hair Type
How To Decide The Right Hair Extensions For Your Hair Type