8 Winter Hair Color Trends to End Your Year on a Colorful Note

Winter Hair Color Trends

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Winter isn’t coming, winter is here! Which means it’s time for a completely new look. Unpack those fleece-lined leggings and oversized sweaters. Ditch the spring pastels and go for a deeper, richer palette.

And if you’re feeling brave, winter is the perfect time to try a new hair color to top off your new look. Which winter hair color is perfect for you to debut this holiday season? Here are some top trends for you to choose from.

1. Espresso

Winter is all about the dark palette. Deep, rich colors are the perfect contrast to the white of a winter wonderland.

So, going with a deep, rich new hair color is the perfect choice for the winter season. Instead of going for a stark black, choose a deep brown, like espresso.

This dark brown shade will bring out the warmth in your skin instead of making you look washed out. And it’s the perfect complement to the rich colors in your winter wardrobe.

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2. Dark Red

Dyeing your hair red is all about getting noticed. People who go for this bold hue want to turn heads and have some fun. And there’s no better time to do that than during the gray, cold winter months.

According to stylists, winter is the best time for red hair because it’s less likely to fade. Red hues fade quickly when exposed to lots of sun and natural water, so summer is the enemy of bold red dos.

Though red hair is a bold statement, it’s also close enough to a natural hue that you can get away with it in pretty much any setting.

In the winter, a dark red with almost a hint of black undertone is the perfect way to add some color to a white and gray world. It also creates a stunning look for any holiday party when paired with a classic little black dress.

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3. Deep Purple

When you think of purple hair, you’d never think of the word subtle. But this season’s purple is just that. The purple hair that everyone will be rocking this winter isn’t bold or vibrant. It’s a hint of purple over a dark hue.

This look can be hard to achieve. The secret is all in getting the right dye.

If your hair is lighter, you can get away with a box dye. Look for something that combines purple and soft black. The result will be a stunning dark do with just a hint of purple in the right light.

If you have dark hair, you’re probably going to need to head to the salon. The great thing is you won’t need a bleach job to get this look. You just need a salon-quality dye that’s going to show up in dark hair. You’ll get a pop of purple in your already dark locks for a fun but subtle look.

green hair and purple hair

4. Mint

According to top stylists, the hot trend in winter hair this year is mint green. The pastel hair color trend has exploded in the past couple of years and mint green is the next hot pastel.

This look is perfect for winter because the color is both soft and light, just like the snowy landscape outside. And it adds just a slight pop of color.

Like most of the pastel hair colors, mint green goes surprisingly well with most skin tones. If you’re very pale, the mint adds the color you need. If you’re darker-skinned, the mint provides gorgeous contrast.

Though it seems like an odd color to be trendy, mint succeeds because it really works on anyone.

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5. Frosty Blonde

There’s no better time than winter to rock the ice queen look. And frosty blonde is the only hair color that truly completes this look.

This shade goes beyond blonde, beyond platinum even, almost to the point of being silver. But it retains just enough warm overtones to still qualify as blonde instead of silver or white.

To get this icy look, head to the salon. Do not trust at-home dye kits for this particular shade. No matter what color hair you’re starting with, you’ll need to bleach to get this look. And everyone who’s bleached their hair at home before knows that the wrong strength can equal disaster.

So, do yourself a favor and let a professional give you this winter wonderland makeover.

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6. Honey Brown

When it’s oh so cold outside, evoking warmth is a surefire way to light up your look. That’s why colors with a warm, natural glow are perfect for wintertime.

While a rich, dark brown is a stunning winter look, going for a light, honey-toned brown lightens up your look during the dark days.

The key to a perfect honey brown shade is the highlights. You want to start with a darker base and then layer in warm highlights to give your hair a heavenly glow. Head to Inscape Beauty Salon to get the highlights you need to make this color really work.

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7. Chestnut Brown

Browns of all shades are the champions of winter hair color. Going darker in the winter is the perfect way to add contrast and vibrancy to your look.

If you want to add an extra oomph to your new winter do, going chestnut brown instead of a dark or honey brown is the look you’re looking for. This reddish-brown hue adds a hint of bolder color to your do without committing to the bolder choice of some shade of red.

This sensual color is also excellent at bringing out the warm undertones in your skin, so it’s a great choice for the winter months when we all start looking a bit pale.

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8. Natural Roots

Showing your roots used to be the ultimate faux pas for colored hair. But these days, leaving your natural roots peeking out seems to be the hot thing to do. Multiple celebrities have stepped out with their natural roots on display, so you shouldn’t be shy about letting yours show.

And winter is the perfect time to let your roots grow out because you might not be able to make it to the salon as regularly as you do in the warmer months.

Letting your roots show is a great way to contrast the old with the new, bringing attention to the new color that you’re rocking.

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The Best Winter Hair Color for You

Wondering which of these winter hair color trends you should try out? It all depends on the impression you’re trying to create with your new do. Winter is a great time for all kinds of new looks, whether it be dark, bold, or frosty.

For more tips on how to update your look for winter, check out the Fashion category on our blog.

Winter Hair Trends