Date Dash

Date Dash–Tricky Beauty Fixes to Help You Get Ready for Your Date in a Rush

We’ve all had that panicked feeling—you are rushing home from work and only have enough time to change before your date will be there to pick you up. There’s barely time to put on a clean shirt, and definitely no time for primping or serious grooming. Instead of looking ragged and disheveled when your date […]

How To Decide The Right Hair Extensions For Your Hair Type

How To Decide The Right Hair Extensions For Your Hair Type

More people are choosing to enhance the length and volume of their hair with extensions, which can be installed with different methods and last for several months. For those who are looking to find the right extensions that look natural in their hair, there are several factors to consider before finding a match. Between comparing […]

Stock Up for Summer Vacay - Five Essential Mini's That Will Fit in Your Carry-On

Stock Up for Summer Vacay: Five Essential Mini’s That Will Fit in Your Carry-On

You have found the perfect new swimsuit, some adorable new sunglasses, and you’ve put together the perfect playlist for your upcoming summer vacation. Now comes the terrible part: packing. Packing a bag with everything you will need (or might need) is stressful, especially when you have to abide by airline rules and bring a carryon […]

Job Interview Handshake Photo

What to Wear to an Interview

Getting a job interview is a feat in itself, but what do you actually need to wear to the interview? It’s so easy to forget the little things, so here is a simple checklist to make sure you “look the part” to land the job: Look The Part: Getting The Interview Dress Code Right [Infographic] […]


Summer Shopping Fun for the Fourth at Sears

With the Fourth of July long weekend coming up, I set out to find the perfect picnic outfit to wear at Sears.  The problem was that I fell in love with lots of “perfect outfits” and got distracted finding several other clothing pieces that I needed! But before I tell you all about them, first […]

Buy Clothes Now, Pay Later

Buy Fashion Clothing Now, Pay Later

Do you need a new outfit to wear for a special occasion (be it a hot date or a summer wedding), but your pocketbook is lacking the funds to make it happen? Never fear, there are seven online stores that will deliver fashions to your door and let you pay for them later with deferred […]

subtly sexy makeup photo

Subtly Sexy – 5 Sneaky Ways to Glam Up Without Caking on the Makeup

With summer upon us, you might be looking for ways to scale back your beauty routine and rock the natural look for a more relaxed style this season. The idea behind neutral makeup is to look like a better version of your natural look, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. […]

Items Models Use To Make Their Facial Features Stand Out

Items Models Use To Make Their Features Stand Out

 The models in magazine advertisements and television commercials look more beautiful than even the most attractive of typical people. Part of this is due to the luck of genetics. It is also owed to the tips and tricks the models have picked up over the course of their careers; a cursory glance through any social […]

Four Trendy Eyewear Frames to Kick up Your Style (2)

Four Trendy Eyewear Frames to Kick up Your Style

The current trends in eyewear can be categorized with one word—retro. These four frames are sure to keep your style up with the current trends; that is, until they change again! If you are like most people with less-than-perfect vision, however, your prescription may change as fast as the trends do. Once your frames become […]

Maggy London Petite Cap-Sleeve Floral Fit-and-Flare Dress

3 Tips For A More Fashionable Spring

Spring has finally sprung and the trends are already set. And while you can’t wait to shed those layers and wear anything with short sleeves, there are a few spring trends that are easy to follow and will keep you cool and fashionable. Stick to these trends to look your best in this warm weather. […]