Megan MacKay

Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Comedian Megan MacKay uses makeup and comedy to get across a very important message after the Ray Rice scandal. You go girl! H/T to Glossible.

makeup bag makeover #3

Does Your Makeup Bag Need a Makeover? Know Which Products to Toss and Which to Replace

You have spring cleaning for your closet, garage, and attic, but when was the last time you gave your makeup bag a good clean? While you might think that your makeup is good until it runs out, the truth is you could be harboring some nasty makeup mistakes in your bag. Keep reading to get […]

Natural DIY Lip Balm Giveaway

FSF: Natural DIY Lip Balm Giveaway

This week’s Free Stuff Friday giveaway is sponsored by Kiss Naturals and hosted by Mom Powered Media Kiss Naturals, produces fun, one-of-a-kind craft kits using only high quality natural ingredients. These kits make everyday products you can enjoy at an affordable price. At Kiss Naturals, we believe that Nature had it right the first time. […]

Five Reasons Why Your Face is Aging Faster than it Should

Five Reasons Why Your Face is Aging Faster than it Should

While you might think that your rowdy tweens and rebellious teens are giving you premature wrinkles, there are actually a few surprising causes for early aging in the face. Everyone wants to keep a youthful appearance for as long as possible, but the demands of daily life, along with poor personal habits, may cause premature […]

Reinvent Your Smile: Top Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Reinvent Your Smile: Top Cosmetic Dentistry Options

For those that are extremely careful about the appearance of their smile, it can be heartbreaking when minor and major blemishes begin to develop. From mild discoloration to severe malocclusion, these aesthetic issues may seem overwhelming, but there are now more effective cosmetic treatment options than ever to reinvent a smile quickly and painlessly. Crowns […]

Wedding Bobblehead

Unique Cake Topper Idea: Wedding Bobbleheads

If any of you follow my House for Kim blog, you’ll know that someday I hope to get remarried.  That is if the right guy ever comes along.  I’ve now been divorced/single for longer than I was married (eleven years), so I’m kind of liking my freedom and independence, especially on days when my friends […]

fancy summer fashion #2

Fancy Summer Fashion: How to Dress Up for Work & Special Occasions during Summer

When you’re dressing up for work and special occasions during the summer, it’s tough to find something that is appropriate, but doesn’t weigh you down with layers. Thick button-downs and chunky blazers are too hot for summer, but you can’t just wear a tunic over your swimsuit everywhere you go. Yes, summer wear is typically […]

A Guide To Hair Extensions You Can Do Yourself

A Guide To Hair Extensions You Can Do Yourself

Celebrities love long, luscious hair and so do we. At one time or another most of us have wished we could have those bouncing, shining locks that the movie stars have. Because of this, hair extension sales are at an all time high. Every day women can look just like famous people. Also, with the […]

Date Dash

Date Dash–Tricky Beauty Fixes to Help You Get Ready for Your Date in a Rush

We’ve all had that panicked feeling—you are rushing home from work and only have enough time to change before your date will be there to pick you up. There’s barely time to put on a clean shirt, and definitely no time for primping or serious grooming. Instead of looking ragged and disheveled when your date […]

How To Decide The Right Hair Extensions For Your Hair Type

How To Decide The Right Hair Extensions For Your Hair Type

More people are choosing to enhance the length and volume of their hair with extensions, which can be installed with different methods and last for several months. For those who are looking to find the right extensions that look natural in their hair, there are several factors to consider before finding a match. Between comparing […]